DaTung 大屯 ( neck injury )

rescue date: Sept 22th.
救援日期: 9月22日

DaTung was found on DaTung mountain. He had a large, serious wound on his neck, and he was missing a large piece of skin. He was also limping at the time of his rescue. Our vet has stitched up the wound on his neck and his leg seems to be recovering. DaTung is now at the holding center and is doing well. He's waiting for a loving family to take him home.
當我們在大屯山找到大屯的時候,牠的脖子上掉了一大塊皮.. 緊生趕緊幫他做了縫合手術, 現在牠的傷口正在癒合中. 目前大屯住在中心裡接受治療.