Sophie 's medicated baths

After spending some time at the center, Sophie has blossomed into a playful, energetic girl. We still give her medicated baths, which have really improved her skin condition. Here are some photos of her.
( photos.)
Read more about Sophie 's story at http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2010/08/prof-jas-shelter-dogs-to-at.html

Please come to the rescue center to visit this cute, and very clean, little lady!

MeiMei, a beautiful cat up for adoption

Mei Mei was rescued from the Neihu shelter. She had been sick and was set to be killed within a few days. Little did she know her luck was about to change! A volunteer took her home and restored her back to health. She's now looking for that loving home.
DOB: Approx 2008
She's either a Snowshoe or a Tonkinese
Please contact us at 02-28338820 or email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you would like to give Mei Mei a loving home.

Anna 's first bath

Lovely Anna was so afraid of people that we could never give her a bath. But over time she has made great progress. We have been able to gain her trust and last Sunday we were even able to give her a bath! Anna was a real trooper and cooperated with us very well. She even let us clean her ears and cut her nails! She never tried to bite us, not even when she was a little afraid. Read more about Anna's story at http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2010/08/prof-jas-shelter-dogs-to-at.html


Puppies for Adoption

This male puppy is 2-3 months old. This friendly little guy loves to play and is very sweet!

This female dog is one-years old and already spayed.
She is a very happy dog and is smart as a whip! She already understands the commands for sit and down.

Please contact Mary at 0912-917-966 or email to choi_mary@hotmail.com if you would like to give these young furries a loving home.