Animals Taiwan Amazing Spring Clean

Spring is at our doorstep and the animals at AT would like your help to get them ready for summer.

We are organizing a major spring cleaning of the centre, which will include
sweeping, washing, scrubbing, moving, re-arranging, tree cutting, fixing, dog walking, photo taking

Place: Animals Taiwan Rescue Centre

Time: 11am to 5pm (with pizza and drinks at 1:30pm)

Date: Sunday April 10th 2011

Please email liza@animalstaiwan.org if you are able to come and how many of you there will be. Also if you have any special skills, such as electrical knowledge or building knowledge, Or if you have any tools you can bring to help, (gloves, brooms, dustpans, hammers, drills, etc)
The furries are looking foward to a sparkling centre!!

Lost and found dogs and cats

We understand the heart break when a loved doggie or cat goes missing, so we want to help as much as possible.

If you have lost your cat or dog please email inquiries@animalstaiwan.org photos and information about the lost animal (sex, name, age, colors, when lost, where lost, temperament and if they had a collar or harness on and their chip number)
We will put the info on our facebook and our blog and also keep posters in our centre.

Dogs or cats wearing collars with tags and chipped are found much more quickly, so please remember to chip your animal and let them wear a collar. Also fireworks scare the most obedient of dogs, so keep your dog leashed when there are likely to be in places where fireworks or crackers let off.

Please also inform us when you have found your loved one, so we can let everyone know.

Also if you have found a dog or a cat and you think it's gotten lost, please email me photos and info of where he/she was found and we'll also post these.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Bobby’s Happy tail

Dear all,

Do you remember the small size dogs we rescued from a bad breeder last year and half of them had eye injuries and half of them had heart worm disease. One of them:Bobby.Bobby lost one eye before we rescued him and he was adopted last year. Bobby 's mommy posted these photos for us


He looks so happy

please keep to help Animals Taiwan so we can find more homes for the needed furries.
to know more about Animals Taiwan , please call 02-2833-8820 or email to inquiries@animalstaiwan.org

3/26 Flea Market~

Dear Friends,
Our monthly flea market will be held on March. 26th Sat. 5PM~10:00PM
@ a western restaurant by Shida Road.
We need the help of many volunteers.
If you can’t come and help, please feel free to come and visit us. You might just find some neat and wonderful presents for Christmas with a better deal!
All the funds will go straight to Animals Taiwan helping animals in need.
If you are able to help out for the flea market, please contact Liza : liza@animalstaiwan.org
or call 02-2833-8820

Thank you!

Time: March. 26th Sat 5PM ~ 10:00PM
Place: Grandma Nitty's, No 8, Lane 93, Shida Road