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Hi everyone,
These 棕子 are made by Jackson ( a cat ) 's mom. She said that Jackson loves it very much so she made a lot for Animals Taiwan
1 set include 3 pieces : NT$50 ,
please add NT$30 if you need us post to you.

AT March 2011 report

As always we are continuing to be very busy. This month we’ve seen a lot of pure breed dogs both old and young being dumped on the streets. There has also been the beginning of spring puppy boom. However, it’s not all bad news, we’ve worked hard and had lots of adoptions this month. Our adoptions are getting stronger and we’re hoping for a record amount of adoptions this year.

As we are starting our major TNR/CNR project next month we are in need of small/medium size cages for our TNR’d cats to recover in for a day or two until they are released. If you have or know anyone who has a cage that they don’t use anymore, please call our centre 02-28338820. Thank you.

This month we have had two more puppies enter the centre. Both are female and they are both white. They are about 3 months old and were brought to us as they were living on the side of the road and the condition was very dangerous for them.

There are also 3 other puppies, now about 4 months old who are living in the mountain area. They are being monitored and fed by a volunteer for Animals Taiwan and we are all working together to find homes for all of these and the 2 remaining Hsin Tien puppies.

Three small breed dogs came out of nowhere and jumped up on an Animals Taiwan volunteer’s scooter. They seemed to have been raised together and were all friendly, but not very clean. It seems that they have been dumped either by an owner or a breeder who had no use for them anymore.

Gigi is the largest of the 3 and the friendliest. She’s about 5 years old. We believe she is a white Pomeranian or an American Eskimo dog. She’s very friendly and loves being with people.

Winnie who is a white Maltese is also about 5 years old and female. Unfortunately she does have heart worm. She has received the "treatment shot" for heart worm and we are hoping we caught it in time and she’ll recover well. Unfortunately this little lady also seems to have been in some kind of accident and is limping on her front leg. She has had her vocal cords cut which means she finds it difficult to communicate, but she’s very friendly and loves being around people.

Little Mini is only 1.8 kgs we believe she is a mini Maltese. She’s female and again about 5 years old. She’s been spayed and has no health issues. She is quite shy but once she’s being held starts to relax a little. Mini already got adopted.

Kato was originally caught as a CNR dog. However, once he was caught it was noticed that he had an open wound on his butt and was in need of medical attention and stitches. The rescuer realized he is quite young and very friendly so has decided that he should be giving a second chance. He is in a foster home and looking for a loving forever home. He’s now housetrained and learning new tricks every day.

As the pure breed dumping continues three lovely doggies were found by the same volunteer.

Henry walked to the volunteer’s main gate. He is believed to be a white Poodle. However, his fur was so matted and dirty it was impossible to tell. So he has had a shave and a bath and looks much better. He has very bad teeth so it is difficult to tell his age as he is very lively and friendly. He’s been neutered and will have his teeth cleaned in a couple of weeks.

Lexie and Doodle were noticed wandering around the streets. It took a little time to eventually catch them, but once we did we were so happy. Both are females and both only about 4 months old. We believe Doodle is a Havanese and Lexie is a wire terrier. They are both super friendly and very smart.

We are continuing with our CNR projects and now have the green light from the government for our TNR cat project. However, the weather has been very unstable so we haven’t been able to go full steam ahead as yet.

We are working very hard to catch the last 3 females in the Shen Keng area, but they are smart to us now and it is very difficult. We didn’t have any luck this month but we’ll try again next.

We caught and neutered one male dog who also had a slight leg injury. He stayed with us while his injury healed and was then released.

We also caught a male cat in our Keelong area.

Nearly all of the Hsin tien and Shen Keng puppies have been adopted.
Betty and Boop went to a wonderful English family. We were so happy that they could be adopted together. Red went to a wonderful family of which the son is a regular volunteer at the centre. The black male went to a great young couple who love him dearly. Only 2 of the Hsin Tien Puppies are left.

Mini has been adopted by a very loving mother who keeps in contact with us to let us know of this shy little ladies progress.

George our big strong Doberman has also gone on a tryout. Things are looking good. We hope he’ll be a good boy and his new mommy and daddy will train him well.

Koala has been fostered by a wonderful volunteer. Koala is the little pup we found so long ago and is blind in one eye. The foster daddy says great things about Koala and we hope that with some training and love Koala will settle down and find a loving home much more easily.

Simba the black cat has also gone into a foster home with one of our volunteers. She’s going to work with Simba to make her more sociable and friendly and which will help her adoption chances greatly.

More news
Diana was returned from her tryout. It’s not as easy as some people think to take care of a bulldog. Diana is loving and gentle but because of her skin condition it takes quite a lot of time to take care of her. We’re not worried though, Diana is wonderful and we know her real forever home is just round the corner.

Danica will be looking for a new foster home soon. This is quite urgent as Danica needs her spay operation now but she has to go to home where there are no other dogs to recover. We are confident we can find a foster home for Danica.

We are all looking forward to warmer and drier weather so we can really start our CNR/TNR project and also have more adoption events out in the open.

Not only are we now on facebook
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Animals-Taiwan Association/100845399247
But we are also on twitter www.twitter.com/animalstaiwan
So now it’s even easier to keep upto date with what’s happening with AT.

As always with all our rescues we never put a dog or cat to sleep unless the animal is suffering greatly with not much chance of recovery. We will always do our best to make sure every animal is given the best treatment and best opportunity to live a happy and loving life.

We are able to continue these rescues and adoptions thanks to your generosity.

If you would like to be kept up to date with stories and photos on our progress you can now check out our blog ; http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/

Please continue check out our webpage and pass it on to any friends or family members. There are always some wonderful dogs up for adoption, so if you have any friends or family interested in adopting, please show them our website. www.animalstaiwan.org

Remember Adopting saves lives! Please educate those around you to get their animal de-sexed and micro chipped to help decrease the stray population.

Please help Lexie to find a new home~

Lexie is looking for a loving home. She's a lovely little girl with the kind of love only a dog can give. Saved from a life on the streets, she's ready to give a lifetime of love to someone special. Wanna be the one? Thanks to Animals Taiwan, this sweet four-month old puppy in perfect health. In the meantime, we're doing our bit as foster parents til you make a choice to give her a permanent home!!! please contact 02-28338820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you are interested in adopting.