Wonderful Happy tails.

Dear all,

just wants to share you with those wonderful happytails. Thank you for all your support. We couldn't help such so much poor animals without your support and help.

Hector ( now named: Kafka ) looks so confortable in the new home.

Arnold's owner brought Arnold back to visit them. Arnold is so happy with him.

Usha was also adopted by the same owner, Usha looks very happy playing with Arnold there.

Ms brown's owner brought her here to visit us. Ms brown is very very beautiful now. Her owners love her so much. especially her little owner ( a 8 years old girl)

Danica is fostered by a nice lady now. Her condition is very improve a loooot. you can tell this by seeing the photos. Please adopt Danica because she will give you the full love and make you happy by her nice personality. please spread the words for Danica as much as you can to helping the little girl find a lovely home. 02-2833-8820 adoptions@animalstaiwan.org

to see Danica's story:


Journey & Spirit are doing great! They are a full of love and energy, we adore them! Thanks to all who helped in thier rescue and everything that went with it ♥

see Journey & Spirit ';s story here : http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2010/06/e-mail-from-lisa.html

Abby has a lovely new home.

Abby's rescue story:

Abby is a pure breed Afghan Hound. She was rescued by a wonderful animal lover who does many dog rescues. He was told by locals that a truck pulled up about 3 months ago, unloaded a big cage and then the next day this lady was walking around. We believe it was a breeder.
Abby's hair was shaved off before she was dumped. We believe this is so the breeder didn't have to worry about grooming her. Afghan hounds need regular grooming and washing to keep their fur in good condition and often have to wear snoods to keep their ears clean while eating and running around.
They are the perfect ladies. They are dignified and sweet with low dominance levels.
Abby needs a home. She nees love and attention.
If you are interested in giving Abby a home please contact liza@animalstaiwan.org

Julian's medication lately.

Julian's skin condition got bad lately. His skin on the leg became wet ( unusual hot weather made his skin hot and wet ). Beside 3 times medication everyday now, he sometimes also needs to be bandaged to make his legs dry.

Oreo got hurt.

Somehow Oreo got a big cut on her body. She was taken to the vet to have stitches. It might because of the old fence that used already over than 3 years. We immediately checked around the bamboo garden but we found nothing. We will put more attention to observe the bamboo garden.