Xiao Huang needs a home~

Age: 1 year old
Breed: mix
Sex: Female
Size: will be around 10-15kg

-neutered and vaccinated

-had a leg broken, but already fine and no problem with walking, jumping..

personality: gentle, calm, very friendly to kids. a little shy

If you could give me a loving home please contact shufenw@gmail.com or call Ms Wu on 0975-317795


Lost and Found~

March Diaries at the Center~

Diana , the British Bulldog, who was used to breed puppies and was treated very badly by breeders. When we found Diana, she just had a car accident. She was adopted by a nice family few days ago and the photo tells how happy Diana is.

Pat was taken to vet immidiately when we noticed that his leg has infection. He was very calm and nice on the taxi and very cooperated with the vet. He stayed in the vet for 2 days and came back to center today. He needs to have the medicine for a week and we will take him to the vet again when he finish the medicine.

Daisy went for a tryout a while ago but unfortunately Matthew's family needs to return to the US and think that Daisy would be better with a more stable life. Please continue to help Daisy to find a new home.

Life went for a tryout few days ago. Here's the photo of them.

we helped rescued this kitten from the roof and the kitten already adopted by the resident of the neighborer.

Doodle went for a tryout but the family's grandfather is in the hospital. So they have to take care of him and won't have time to take care of Doodle. She's still up for adoption.

Here is a video of Doodle, please spread this video to your friends to help Doodle find a new home.
video: http://vimeo.com/21523838

please call 02-28338820 or email to inquiries@animalstaiwan.org if you want to know more about Animals Taiwan.