Stevie's new hat.

Stevie is the only completely blind dog staying with us.
Today just was not his day.
This morning Lucie found that Stevie had caught one of his legs in some cloth.
When I went to check it out, Stevie was trying to free himself,
but just becoming more tangled.
Not only that, he was snapping at any dogs that came near him.
We calmed him down and then tried to untangle the cloth.
Finally, Lucie found a pair of scissors and just cut it.
Afterwards, Stevie was trembling.
Lucie said that Stevie was crying
So, I watched him,
and saw that tears really were running down his face.
It was heartbreaking...

Later, Stevie came to explore the office
He was very curious about the garbage can and stuck his head inside for a whiff.
When he pulled his head out, the lid was stuck around his neck. Then, he walked around with his new hat!


English Sheep dog looking for a new home

This English sheep dog was found in Shen Keng. She is 1 and half years old (approx.), in good condition and has just been spayed. She is very friendly and can sit on command. She has odd eyes (one is blue not sure what the other is). Please contact us if you know who her owner is. ( or to adopt her.)


Paris Reunited With Her Owner!

Not long ago, Joey found Paris, a beautiful golden retriever. Now she’s back with her owner!

Joey was taking Paris for a check-up and asked the vet Paris’ age.
Just by chance, Joey checked to see if Paris had a microchip (She had been checked before but no chip was found...)

What do you know? She had a chip!
This beauty’s real name is White Snow,
and they call her Little Snow!

Her owner runs a home stay around Wulai and came right over to our holding center after finding out about Little Snow.
It turns out that she had been missing for months.
Surveillance tapes showed
that someone had whisked her away on a motorcycle.

Her owners were thrilled to finally bring their beloved dog home.
They kept asking her, “What were you thinking? You’re too trusting!”
The owner kept insisting on paying a "boarding fee" for Little Snowand invited us to be his guests at his home stay!

We’re so happy for them.

So, it pays to microchip your pets!

Joey said that raising the three dogs was “a sweet burden.”

Paris and her owner.