Happy Taiger !!!



Caramel到寄養家庭囉! Caramel's fostering

Caramel is so sweet and adorable, she seems adapted well to my home, Here are a few pictures I'd like to share with you and folks in AT.
Hsin Ying
Caramel 現在在寄養家庭裡.她非常的開心和主人玩在一起.希望大家們都和Caramel一樣找到一個甜蜜的家哦 !!


日誌 Diaries July 26~31

26 July:

01. 今天來了一群扶輪社的志工,帶了好多狗狗出去散步喔!
01. There was a group of Rotary volunteers and they took many dogs for walk.

02. 下午四點突然下起了大雨,大家只好提前回房間了…
02. Dogs had to go back room early today due to the heavy rain at four o'clock.

27 July:

01. 志工Lucie每次來都會在貓舍待很久,很有耐心地陪貓咪們玩,連Simba都喜歡跟她玩喔!
01. Volunteer Lucie spends quite a long time in the cat house every time. She is very patient to cats; even Simba likes her a lot.

02. 今天有兩位新員工:Karen和Jenny來報到,希望大家會喜歡她們!
02. We have new staff: Karen and Jenny. Please give them the warmest welcome.

03. 有一位志工奕璇想認養貓咪,虹君向她推薦了Sheila。結果和Sheila相處之後果然覺得牠好可愛又漂亮,已經在認真考慮要帶她回家了喔
03. Volunteer 奕璇 would like to adopt a cat. Hun Jun recommended Shelia to her. 奕璇 found Sheila is really adorable and beautiful. She is thinking about taking Sheila home.

04. 今天Dani去醫院拆除後腳的鋼釘,也順便做了結紮手術。
04. Dani went to hospital to remove the nail in her hind leg and she had ligation as well.

28 July:

01. Nanook的傷已經完全好了,但是因為大部分的狗狗都不喜歡他,虹君只好把他放回原來的房間跟大家一起居住。可是Marble還是有點想要威脅他:S希望他不要再惹Marble生氣。
01. Nanook has completely recovered but most dogs don’t like him so he has to go back to the same room again. Marble is still a threat to Nanook. We hope they can get along peacefully.

31 July:

01. Lynxie今天試著回去她原本的房間,剛開始大家一個個跑來聞牠的氣味,沒一下大家就跟平常一樣了,連新朋友Juno都很開心的跟他一起玩了。
01. Lynxie went back to her old room. At first, everyone was curious and sniffed her but it didn’t take too long that they all acted as usual. Juno played with her as well.

02. 一早上不知道是誰把一隻黑色的混拉不拉多綁在我們門口,身上有輕微皮膚病,Lilian早上接到消息就來帶他去醫院結扎了,可愛的牠被我們取名叫胖弟。
02. Someone tided a mixed Labrador dog at our entrance this morning. He has slight skin disease. Lilian took him to hospital for ligation and he was named Pandy.


日誌 Diaries July 21~25

21 July:

01. 下午芃諭替可愛的Addie洗了藥浴喔!希望Addie的毛快快長回來
01. 芃諭 gave lovely Addie a thorough bath. Guess his hair will grow back soon.

02.Janet and Paolo are very close now. They have great fun and roll on the ground together.

24 July:

01. Beau今天回來寄宿到7/29,小小的他居然肥到9公斤像隻小豬一樣。
01. Beau will stay in the centre till 7/29 from today. He is small but a little overweight ( 9 kg). He looks like a mini pig.

02. Zena跟Maria試著進去Marble的籠子,Juno很喜歡跟Zena玩,但是卻會兇兇的罵Maria,可憐的Maria還沒有群體可以接受他呢。
02. Zena and Maria tried to get into Marble’s enclosure. Juno likes to play with Zena but shout at Maria. There is no one group that will accept her.

25 July:

01. Honey的主人結束禪修嚕,Honey看到他主人好開心呢。
01. Honey’s master finished her meditation. She was so happy to see her master again.

02. 下午雨下得好大,原本在戶外廚房的妞妞,為了等Mare從消失的地方出現,被淹起來的水弄得濕濕的,傻妞妞的個性真是憨直阿。
02. It rained heavily this afternoon. Neu Neu was waiting at the outdoor kitchen for Mare where Mare disappeared. Neu Neu was completely sucked. What a genuine girl.

03. Zena今天又試著進去Marble的籠子,不過今天Zena有點不自在的說。
03. Zena went to Marble’s enclosure again, but she felt a little uncomfortable today.

日誌 Diaries July16~20

16 July:

01. 下午Juno要回房間的時候,很不識相地衝到Coco和Pat面前挑釁。Nanook看到之後就上前和Coco吵架,結果Marble趁勢攻擊、咬了Nanook的耳朵,三隻狗扭打成一團…結果Coco的眉毛上方也受了一點傷。
01. When Juno was on his way back to his room, he provoked Coco and Pat. Nanook saw this situation, fighting with Coco; even worse, Marble attacked and bit on Nanook’s ear. The consequence of three-dog fighting was Coco got hurt around his eyebrow.

02. 志工牽Pudding外出散步的時候,隔壁砂石場的狗狗們突然出現、咬了Pudding的後腿。Pudding受到驚嚇,回來之後都夾著尾巴、好可憐
02. When Pudding went for a walk with a volunteer, a stray dog from the neighborhood suddenly showed up and bit on Pudding’s hind leg. Pudding was so scared that he put his tail between legs for a long while.

17 July:

01. 今天來一對夫妻,想幫助AT的動物們,決定助養Sausage,他們一直說散步的時候Sausage好乖呢。
01. There was a couple coming to AT and they would like to help the animals. They decide to support Sausage; they said Sausage was really well-behaved when they walked him.

02. 之前有來看過Chelsea的李小姐,本來要來領養Chelsea,卻很遺憾Chelsea已經不在了,不過她很願意給May機會,7/20就會給AT回覆嚕。
02. Since Chelsea is in the Heaven now, Ms. Lee who wanted to adopt Chelsea previously can no longer have her. However, Ms. Lee is happy to adopt another dog, May. She will reply AT on 20th of July.

18 July:

01. Precious的主人決定要領養May了,他們知道還有另一個家庭再考慮May牠們就緊張的想趕快領養May,May的魅力真是大啊。
01. Precious’ master decides to adopt May. They know there is another family interested in May thus they want to speed up their process. May is very popular at the moment.

02. 放狗狗回房間的時候,Nanook跟Marble吵起來,咬得好嚴重,Mare跟芃諭,拿著水管噴拿掃把打也分不開,Nanook的右手整個血流如注,還好到醫院看過之後沒啥大礙了,可憐的Nanook原本就是三腳狗狗沒有左手現在右手又受傷,幾乎是站不起來了。
02. Nanook and Marble fought when they were going back to their room. It was pretty serious because Mare and 芃諭 couldn’t make them apart from one another. They used pipe and a broom to separate but it didn’t work. Nanook’s right hand bleed a lot but he is fine after sent to hospital. Poor Nanook, he is a three-leg dog without left hand and now his right hand got hurt. He can hardly stand up.

03.At lunch time, Rita brought fried bean noodles and pumpkin soup. Honey seemed to know that Rita got some good stuff so she begged Rita for food. She had some snack and her belly swelled like a small ball that made everyone laugh out.

19 July:

01. 虹君早上到AT,發現最喜歡的Nanook受傷,好擔心L幸好Nanook和平常一樣有精神,身體也很健壯,傷勢應該很快就會復原了!
01. Hung Jun found her favorite Nanook was hurt and she was so worried. Fortunately, Nanook was active like usual. His wound should recover pretty soon.

02. 下午Maria突然被同一籠的狗狗們圍攻,屁股被咬了四、五個傷口。這已經是她第三次被攻擊了…不知道為什麼大家都不喜歡她呢,真令人頭疼
02. Maria was attacked by the dogs in the same enclosure this afternoon. Her bottom was bit four or five wounds. This is the third time she has been attacked. Don’t know why everybody doesn’t like her very much. It is a nasty problem…

03. 今天Janet、Judy和Snowball代表AT的狗狗們前往基隆event做宣傳喔!希望大家會喜歡可愛的牠們
03. Janet, Judy, and Snowball represented the AT dogs to Keelung for event promotion. Hope the public will like them.

20 July:

01. 上午Sanae和志工宏軒送Maria去陽明醫院,醫生開了一個星期的消炎藥,希望她能合作一點乖乖吃藥,傷口才會好得快。
01. Sanae and 宏軒 sent Maria to Yun-Min hospital. The vet gave her one-week drug to reduce inflammation. She should take the medicine then her wounds will be better.

02. 志工Lucie今天替貓咪Sheila還有Jackson剪了指甲喔!她也好喜歡Simba,都會拿貓零食給牠吃
02. Voluntere Lucie cut the finger nail for the cats, Shelia and Jackson. She likes Simba very much and took some cat snack to treat him.

03. Ebony和虹君的交情越來越好。下午虹君抱她到office玩,可是她一看到那麼多人、就害羞得想不敢動彈了:P
03. Ebony and Hung Jun become closer now. In the afternoon, Hung Jun took him to office, but when he saw many people there, he was too shy to move.