A one and a half month old puppy was crying in the alley in Tienmu. The puppy had an eye infection, skin disease and a lot of ticks. One eye had to be removed because the infection was too serious. He is now at the center undergoing treatment and will need surgery as soon as he is strong enough.

Koala had a lot of lice on him. Lusan was removing them and massaged Koala.
After the massage, Koala fell asleep.

Dynamo with new mommy

Do you remember our previous introduction for Dynamo, a kitten who had
lost his ability to see? When he first arrived at our center, he
would do anything he could to hide in the corner when we tried to
feed him. Unfortunately, his upper respiratory tract ended up getting
infected as well, and everyone was very worried for him.


We patiently took care of him, and fortunately, his situation
gradually improved and he began to accept us, even becoming playful
when we're around.


Fortune truly shined down on Dynamo: Miss Xiao came to visit one day
and fell in love with Dynamo, and then decided to adopt him,
Dynamo sleeps with his adoptor on her bed everynight.

就決定將他領養帶回家, 現在Dynamo每天都跳上床去和新主人睡覺呢!!

大家要幸福喲 !

see the previous aticle of Dynamo http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2009/10/dynamo-is-getting-better.html
see the rescue case of Dynamo http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2009/10/dynamo.html

Xiao Lu 在花蓮新家囉 !

Hello everyone,

Trick or Treat! Woof Woof Woof !! It's a Booo... Booo.. Booo. .... day! Hope yours is a heap of fun!

Happy Halloween!

Your furry,

Xiao Lu


Maggie's new home 

Little Maggie is safely moved back in at her new foster home. At the moment, she is happily sitting in her doggie box on the balcony and taking her time getting to know the new family. She is clearly quite afraid but feels safe in her box. If it gets too cool, her new mommy will move her inside, but she doesn't want to distress her too much right now.
希望她可以很快的適應新家,然後一起出去散步喲 !

Mouthy is doing great...

Mouthy is doing great - very playful and happy. We just wish the cone could come off her soon!
from her foster home ~ Mat

Susan at her new place 在志工家 !

Susan 很安靜,適應狀況看起來不錯




Susan is at her new foster home,
she is doing very well. She is still a little bit sick,
but she is playful and eating well !



Sucie and Susan are still so playful.

Sucie was sick 2 weeks ago. The volunteer, 致睿, took her home giving her special care. Sucie is very happy at her home, and very playful. The disease doesn't seem to affect Sucie's health too much. That's the best news for you. ^ ^

Susan looked sick last week and we were very worried, thinking she was sick like Sucie. Luckily, Susan got better very soon, and the fungal infection was treated. We took Susan to the roof every day to let the sun treat her skin disease. She runs as fast as she can whenever she gets upstairs. We also give her treats for her teeth. She loves the treats.

Special Thanks for 陽明的楊醫師, 翁醫師 , 汐止的 Dr. Lin, and 貢丸, . 這陣子對她們的照顧.. ^ ^

Dynamo is getting better.

Dynamo was very, very sick for the last 2 weeks. He was not eating and didn't want to move. He was very dirty at that time, because he couldn't clean himself. Even the vet said we could just give him all the best care and wait.

After 2-weeks of special care, he was getting better and better. He is now very sweet and beautiful. You can tell how healthy he is by checking his photos.
ps: Thank you for Dr. Lin, and 貢丸, 陽明的翁醫師. 這陣子對她的照顧.. ^ ^


橡皮筋貓Zero - 救援個案- 10月24

10/22 , 接獲通報在基隆看到一隻橡皮筋貓,因傷口腐爛,已經開始發臭.
帶了捕貓籠, 當天就誘捕到牠. (取名為Zero)
立即帶到 Dr. Lin 動手術,取出橡皮筋, 並綘合傷口.
並同時做好結紮手術,以利到時原地放回 ( CNR 計劃)

10/23 Zero的食欲不錯,會把整盤貓罐吃光光.

目前每天要吃藥, 2個星期後要回去拆線.
目前通報人陳小姐 負責照顧Zero , 直到14天後拆線,即可Return回去.