Sucie and Susan are still so playful.

Sucie was sick 2 weeks ago. The volunteer, 致睿, took her home giving her special care. Sucie is very happy at her home, and very playful. The disease doesn't seem to affect Sucie's health too much. That's the best news for you. ^ ^

Susan looked sick last week and we were very worried, thinking she was sick like Sucie. Luckily, Susan got better very soon, and the fungal infection was treated. We took Susan to the roof every day to let the sun treat her skin disease. She runs as fast as she can whenever she gets upstairs. We also give her treats for her teeth. She loves the treats.

Special Thanks for 陽明的楊醫師, 翁醫師 , 汐止的 Dr. Lin, and 貢丸, . 這陣子對她們的照顧.. ^ ^