Urgent : Need a permenent home for Da NiuNiu.

Da NiuNiu was examined and diagnosed as having distemper. She is currently staying at the vet as she wasn’t eating and had difficulty breathing. Now she is much better and needs to find a foster home. Please give her a place to stay, and with your care, help her undergo this hard time. contact Animalstaiwan.: 02-2833-8820

Jackson and Simba at foster home.

Dear all, Jackson and Simba went to foster home few weeks ago. There are some photos of them in the foster home.
Jackson: Simba, Let's go..
Looking around the place.
Simba was feeling comfortable and sleepy.

The letter from foster mom , Salena .

昨夜有最新發展 Jackson在用完晚餐後 終於忍不住好奇走了進來
東看看西瞧瞧 連浴室都走過一遍 (凡走過必留下痕跡)
Simba久等不耐 也鼓起勇氣跟進 兩位大爺東看西聞 上跳下鑽 最後Jackson找到好位置躺下
Simba還是寧願忍受寒冷 躲到門外 妙的是Jackson不願跟進 Simba卻不耐久等
第一次聽到牠呼叫 這明明就是兄弟的兩貓 忽然像起情人了

讓我想到一連帶兩隻真是好主意 不然真是太殘忍了 為Simba而言

Smart Coco ( training film )

Hi all,

This is a film taken while Coco was training. We put the cookie on Coco's nose and we told him not to eat it. He is very smart and knows what he should do. He eats the cookie when we say Yes.
please see the film: http://vimeo.com/10300872


The good news from March.

There are some good news from March.

Ms Brown found a lovely, new home.

Wags has gone to a foster home and his foster mommy will be working together with us to find him a great new home!.

Miruku has been adopted. Her family now spoils her rotten :-)


A Wish for Otis

2010/03/10 -- A wish for Otis
Warning: The following photos may be disturbing.
Otis lost the paws on his hind legs after getting caught in a gin trap. He has also become blind, although we have not yet determined the reason he lost his sight.

Two weeks ago, someone spotted Otis dragging his injured and bloody body down the road trying to beg for food. A kind Samaritan had been feeding Otis for the past six years, but was never able to catch or pet him.

On March 8, rescuers finally succeeded in catching Otis with a net. Otis was treated and had his legs bandaged by the vet. He is now recuperating at the Animals Taiwan holding center. Otis is frightened of people, so it must be difficult for him to have the bandages on his hind legs changed every day. Otis must be in a great deal of pain but we hope that his treatment will be successful. We hope that one day soon Otis will be like Judy, a carefree spirit who runs and plays with the help of a wheelchair.