A Wish for Otis

2010/03/10 -- A wish for Otis
Warning: The following photos may be disturbing.
Otis lost the paws on his hind legs after getting caught in a gin trap. He has also become blind, although we have not yet determined the reason he lost his sight.

Two weeks ago, someone spotted Otis dragging his injured and bloody body down the road trying to beg for food. A kind Samaritan had been feeding Otis for the past six years, but was never able to catch or pet him.

On March 8, rescuers finally succeeded in catching Otis with a net. Otis was treated and had his legs bandaged by the vet. He is now recuperating at the Animals Taiwan holding center. Otis is frightened of people, so it must be difficult for him to have the bandages on his hind legs changed every day. Otis must be in a great deal of pain but we hope that his treatment will be successful. We hope that one day soon Otis will be like Judy, a carefree spirit who runs and plays with the help of a wheelchair.