Guess, who am I ?

Dear all,
I believe that you have only seen me while I have been so handsome, so you should not be able to tell who it is in the photo. This was me when I had a serious skin problem.
Ok.. Let me tell you... I'm Mushroom!
I amost lost all my fur while I had the skin problem.I endured a life with no fur for a very long time. Luckily, the person at the center took very good care of me, so that I wouldn't catch any cold. I was amazed by my new growing , beautiful, shiny black fur. My fur is not only shiney and black... but also very very curly!!! Every one who has seen my fur always says my fur is so speical. Even I sometimes think , maybe I came from Africa.
I'm a super happy and healthy dog. I really love to go for a walk.. and I really like to show my affectionate to people. Even though I sometimes have disagreements with Tripod about who can stay in the small dog house, I actually get along very well with dogs. I welcome you to visit me. I will be super happy if you can bring me home.
( notes of the photo: Mushroom is the black one, Tripod is the white one.)


The film of touching stories of our staff and animals

Hsin University for producing a 5 minute video interview clip of Animals Taiwan. Please visit the below link to see the touching stories of our staff and animals (in Chinese only). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWohWa0tMkg