Newest rescue : 2 month old Puppies need homes~

Animals Taiwan recieved a call about 3 puppies hiding in a drain pipe/ditch in Mucha. So we went to investigate and we found Soybean, Sesame, and Peanut hiding in a hole near the drain area. While they were safe for the moment, there was a deeper hole next to where they were hiding, which was sure to be flooded once it starts raining. The three of them looked healthy but a bit scared.
Rita dived in and brought them out one by one. They screamed a bit during the rescue, but quieted down once they realized they were safe.
We'll be keeping an eye out for the mother so we can get her spayed ASAP.
The three pups are at the centre, where they will be examined and vaccinated. They are a little shellshocked, but with love and care they'll soon open up.
All three are now looking for loving homes.
Soybean: female, DOB approx March 2011
Peanut: female, DOB approx March 2011
Sesame: male, DOB approx March 2011


Puppy for adoption

This handsome puppy is available for adoption.

Male - 2-months old

Please contact Mary at 0912-917-966 or e-mail choi_mary@hotmail.com if you can give this furry a good home.