Since April 150 cats have gone through TNR

Since the end of April, more than 150 stray cats have been neutered as part of Animals Taiwan's TNR program. We plan to continue doing TNR to help stray cats but we really need cat food and anesthetics to keep this momentum going. Please contact us at inquiries@animalstaiwan.org or call 02-28338820 if you are able to make a donation. Just take a look at the photos to see how much we've done.


Update on Oliver, the Orphan Puppy

Oliver is doing great! He's just over a month old now and is eating on his own. It seems he's even crate trained himself. He pees in his cage but waits for me to let him out to go poop. ( I keep him in a big cage when I'm not home to keep him safe). He plays with the big dogs and cats. He's been de-wormed and once old enough he'll be vaccinated.

Contact me if you are interested in adopting Oliver.
02-28338820 or email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org

Update on the dogs that were in car accidents

Remember the 2 dogs we rescued a few days ago who had been victims in car accidents?

The photos above show the brown dog, who is now called Lucky, not long after he had an operation on his pelvis. He will rest up for 10 days before returning to the vet for a check-up.
The other photos show the black dog, who is now called Prince, just after his operation. He has a metal cast on his leg to keep it straight. He'll return to the vet in 10 days to see how things are going.
If you would like to learn more about these two lads, please call 02-28338820 or email inquiries@animalstaiwan.org

Click on the link to read their rescue story: http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/2011/05/two-hit-and-runs-in-one-week.html

Mistletoe is looking for a home

Mistletoe was rescued after being hurt in a car accident. She has finished all her treatments and is 100% healthy! Now she is looking for her loving home. Adopting an adult cat is no less rewarding or fun than adopting a kitten. Cats are full of life and love, too. When you adopt an adult cat you get to choose the purrsonality that you want. Give a cat a chance! Contact us today about adopting a cat at 02-28338820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org

Mistletoe 's new video:

Ban Traps Event 15th May 2011

Animals Taiwan attented an event to bring more awareness to the cruel and evil use of traps. These traps are sold to the public and are used for maiming and killing animals.
They are not only a danger to animals but also humans. Does a child have to be maimed by one of these barbaric devices before the goverment sits up and takes notice?

Judy and her Wheelchair~

Dear all,

Judy's wheelchair hasn't been working properly, so she hasn't been able to use it for a while. Those were sad days for Judy, but today her wheelchair was fixed! She got in her wheelchair and showed us her lovely smile. ^ ^

Please visit our friendly Judy and check out her fixed up wheels. ^ ^

April's monthly email update

First of all we’d like to apologize as our webpage has been under reconstruction and it has been hard for everyone to find information on our animals and our other goings on. We had to completely change our website after we had a hacker damage our previous page. This has caused a depletion in donations. We hope that with our new website up and running we’ll start to regenerate more generous donations so we can keep doing what we do best and that’s helping the poor animals of Taiwan.

Spring is finally upon us and the weather has been good. We were lucky that the sun was shining on our Super Spring Cleaning! Over 20 volunteers turned up and worked tirelessly to help clean up and reorganize the centre. It was a long hot day, but that didn’t deter our volunteers and the outcome was amazing. We hope to have another of these so we can keep our centre a safe and clean environment for our furry friends and visitors.

Rescues 救援
Eggmond the cat is believed to be another victim of a hit and run. He was dragging his hind legs down the road and was spotted by a kind lady who feeds the local cats. She quickly picked him up and took him to the LCO clinic for treatment. He is unbelievably friendly and loving. His legs have been badly injured as has his tail. He has under gone an operation and is in good spirits. He is able to go to the bathroom by himself and is starting to use his back legs all be it in a funny fashion. He is staying in centre now for care and looking for a loving home.

Mei Mei the cat was rescued from the Neihu shelter. She had been sick and was set to be killed within a few days. Little did she know her luck was about to change! A volunteer took her home and restored her back to health. She's now staying at our centre and looking for that loving home.

Mary, a supporter of AT, has recently rescued many puppies and dogs. AT is helping her to find homes for the dogs and puppies. She has had quite a success so far and out of more than 10 puppies she now only has 5 left up for adoption. Animals Taiwan is also assisting Mary with CNR in her mountain area, where there are over 30 dogs which she feeds daily.

Goliath is a Great Dane mix and was noticed in the mountain area sitting at a bus stop. He was very thin but extremely friendly. An AT volunteer took him to the clinic to be neutered and to have a blood test. Unfortunately he was found to have a tick born disease. He was given medication and the plan was to keep an eye on him in the mountains until a space came up at the centre or in a foster home. Unfortunately after a few days Goliath went missing. It was noticed that another person was feeding him and we hope that he has been taken in and given a good home. We did check for many days the local shelters and dog pounds but he hadn’t been taken in by any of them. We are praying he has found a good home and is doing well.

Hercules a cat was noticed to be very weak and dehydrated. He was captured and taken to see the vet. He was basically under nourished and quite old. He was taken into foster care. He was given daily medication and nourishing food. He had started to recover well and was getting quite feisty. On the day when he was to return to the vet for a check up, he managed to escape from the cage. He is now living outside the volunteer’s house and comes back for food. We will try to catch him again and make sure he finishes his medication.

Mei Mei was on the list for CNR when it was noticed she had a very nasty wound around her waste. We contacted the factory workers and asked if they would be able to assist in catching her. Once she was caught it was obvious that she had been caught in some wire snare trap but had somehow gotten loose. Luckily her wounds weren’t too serious; she was stitched up and put on antibiotics. She was also spayed at the same time. The factory workers were willing to help give her her daily medication and she has made an amazing recovery.

AT assisted a feeding lady to take one of her mountain dogs to the vet for spaying. It was a friendly German Shepherd. She was well behaved but really didn’t want to leave her feeding lady. The lady has many dogs which she feeds in various mountain places but has kept up on the spaying and neutering. We were happy to assist her with this one.

To date we are up to 61 cats in our TNR project since March. We are working with several groups and feeding ladies to get each and every area completed. We are keeping records of the quantity of the cats and their sex, which we will report to the government at various intervals. Once the government can see how well this method works they will hopefully give us the go ahead on dogs.

Adoptions 認養
Last month little Mini got adopted leaving behind her two rescue friends Gigi and Winnie. This month, both Gigi and Winnie have gone to loving homes. They are both doing extremely well and finally receiving the love and attention they deserve.

Lexie has finally been adopted by her foster mommy and daddy. When they knew people were interested in Lexie they knew they just couldn’t let her go. They quickly signed the contract and Lexie is now an official member of the family.

Doodle, Lexie’s rescue friend, also got adopted this month and is getting thoroughly spoilt. Her mommy is constantly amazed at how smart Doodle is.

Boo has gone on a tryout and we have our fingers crossed. This just leaves her sister Betty. We hope that Betty will also soon go to a loving home.

Pat and Coco have both gone to live on a tourist farm area down south. The land owner needed dogs that liked to bark and run around so as to scare off the monkeys which can cause major problems for the tourists. They are loving their new freedom and are working hard to keep the area a monkey free zone.

Mistletoe has gone to a fantastic foster home where she can learn to socialize more and get properly house trained. She’s doing really well and her foster mom has regular conversations with her.

More news 更多消息
Henry was returned from his tryout. Unfortunately his new mommy’s grandfather was seriously ill and she needed to attend to him constantly at the hospital which meant she wouldn’t have the time to properly spend with Henry. So Henry is still looking for that loving home.

We are still desperately looking for foster homes for Daisy the Rottweiler mix and Danica who needs a home without other dogs to recover from her spay operation.

This month we also welcome on board a new staff member, Shi Ting. She is our new animal care supervisor and is doing a fantastic job so far. She’s settled in well and the animals absolutely love her.

Not only are we now on facebook
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Animals-Taiwan Association/100845399247But we are also on twitter www.twitter.com/animalstaiwanSo now it’s even easier to keep upto date with what’s happening with AT.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Animals-Taiwan Association/100845399247推特(Twitter) : www.twitter.com/animalstaiwan
As always with all our rescues we never put a dog or cat to sleep unless the animal is suffering greatly with not much chance of recovery. We will always do our best to make sure every animal is given the best treatment and best opportunity to live a happy and loving life.

We are able to continue these rescues and adoptions thanks to your generosity. If you would like to be kept up to date with stories and photos on our progress you can now check out our blog ; http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/

如果你想知道更多關於我們的小故事還有我們搶救小動物們的過程, 歡迎到我們的部落格:部落格 (中文 ): http://www.wretch.cc/blog/animalstw Please continue check out our webpage and pass it on to any friends or family members. There are always some wonderful dogs up for adoption, so if you have any friends or family interested in adopting, please show them our website. www.animalstaiwan.org

Remember Adopting saves lives! Please educate those around you to get their animal de-sexed and micro chipped to help decrease the stray population.

Liza Milne
Events Coordinator/Chairperson

Rescue Center: 02-2833-8820
Website: www.animalstaiwan.org
Blog: http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/
Facebook: Animals Taiwan Association


Blind kittens need your love

( Helen needs a home )
Helen is a one eyed kitten. Blinded in one eye from birth. She is loving and friendly. She's looking for that speciall home.

Please call our centre 02-28338820 or email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you are interested in adopting her.
( Keller needs a home. )
Keller, Helen's sister, is a blind kitten who was blind from birth. She is super friendly and loving and looking for a special home.

Please call our centre 02-28338820 or email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you are interested in adopting her.