救援中心日誌 Sept. Diaries of rescue center.

救援中心日誌 Sept. Diaries of rescue center. (Sept. 1st-7th.)


  1. 早上EbonyIvory不曉得在幹嘛, 一直追來追去, 拉來拉去, 玩得好開心!
  2. We didn’t know what had gotten into Ebony and Ivory, but they were running around and playing happily all morning!
  3. Ebony is no longer as shy as she used to be and will let people pet her, but Ivory continues to be frightened and will hide. As time passes, we hope she will get used to people.
  4. Marble is in the kitchen now, and sometimes she will eat the food off the table when we aren’t paying attention and spoil her appetite. L
  5. Judy’s and Julian’s new wheelchairs arrived; Julian seems to enjoy it, but Judy hasn’t gotten used to it. It seems that the wheels are slightly off center in order to prevent high-speed collisions!
  6. Yesterday and today, Eleven and his brother Seven arrived. It looks like Eleven is already used to things, and both of them are very good with people!Sporty really seems to love dogs – when he sees Zepplin next door, Sporty tries to Lick Zepplin!
  7. When we were returning the dogs to room five, Dahei got too close to
  8. Ebony現在對人比較不會那麼緊張了, 會乖乖的讓芃諭摸摸頭, 摸摸背, 摸摸腳, Ivory卻還是很害怕, 手伸過去會一直躲, 但是時間久了, 牠就比較習慣, 就比較不會躲了!
  9. Marble現在住在廚房, 有時候都會趁我們不注意的時候偷吃肉, 吃得只剩下一點點, 連自己的飯都吃不下L
  10. Judy Julian的新輪椅來了,Julian很開心的衝來衝去,但Judy好像還不太習慣不過新輪椅的輪胎做得斜斜的,聽說是防高速翻車喔!!! :D
  11. 昨天來的白子貓咪Eleven今天他兄弟Seven也來了,看來Eleven適應得還不錯,他們兩個都很愛人摸和愛撒嬌喔!!!
  12. 可愛的Sporty真的很愛狗, 看到隔壁間的Zepplin竟然想要舔他!
  13. 放狗放到五號房時, Da hei因為不小心太靠近Phoenix, 所以就被她兇了一頓, 真不曉得到底誰才是老大!??


  1. 今天本來以為會下大雨,結果一整天的好天氣大太陽,希望明天跟今天一樣好天氣.
  2. Pondy準備住到辦公室嚕,希望來協會的人會喜歡上他.
  3. Liberty今天調皮的跟我們玩了捉迷藏,自己偷偷跑去外面,我們開門他又自己跑回來,真是調皮的孩子.
  4. Paolo簡直是坐享齊人之福,吃完飯後躺在棧板上睡午覺,Janet&Oreo順勢的躺在他身邊陪著他睡覺Nico眼紅的在旁邊一直繞來繞去,看來Nico真的很愛Janet.
  5. 大家今天吃心絲蟲藥了.

1. We thought it was going to rain today, but it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We hope tomorrow will be as nice.

2. Pondy is getting ready to live in the office; we hope organization members will like him.

3. Liberty teased us by playing hide-and-go-seek today: he secretly ran outside, and when we opened the door he came rushing back in.

4. Paolo is really living it up: after eating a full meal he laid down to take a nap, and Janet and Oreo decided to take a nap right next to him. Nico probably got jealous and so started to meander around them – it looks like Nico really likes Janet!

5. Everyone took their heartworms medicine today.


  1. 今天大家都點了蚤不到了
  2. Marble的新爸媽來看他嚕,確定下星期要到新家試養嚕.
  3. 一早品秀跟Liberty的寄養家庭來帶他回家嚕.
  4. LuLu一整天都悶悶的,也許在想家呢.

1. Everyone got flea repellant today.

2. Marble’s new mother and father came by to confirm that they will be taking Marble in for a trial adoption.

3. In the morning, Pinxiu and Liberty’s temporary household came to take them back home.

4. LuLu seemed melancholic all day, perhaps she was homesick.


  1. lulu今天要跟我回家看看 ,,,,if lulu 乖乖的話,,,, 回來 AT looo
  2. 胖弟次我要出去 外面時 牠就 會 叫個不停
  3. Sheena 今天 不知 為何 有 種 nanook
  4. Coffe 明天 AT 超級 開心 聽說 汐止 醫院 那裡
  5. Da he whitey 吵 一
  6. sister 今天 跳

1. Lulu will come home with me today, and won’t come back if she’s obedient!
Every time I try to go outside, Pangdi screams continuously.

2. Sheena for some reason was angry at Nanook.

3. Coffee will come back to Animals Taiwan, we heard that he was crying at the hospital.

4. Dahei and Whitey only fought for a little while.
Sister ran out today.


  1. Coffee終於回來了,一進運動場就拉著Chiao直奔三號房!
  2. Addie去七號房try out,大家沒有排擠他可是可能他太幼齒不想跟他玩。但Addie還是很有精神並且用樂觀的態度在認識大家喔!
  3. Pangbian不太吃東西而且吐了幾次,所以現在待在辦公室裡觀察,希望只是太熱影響你吃飯的情緒而已!!
  4. Phoenix也太兇了吧!Da hei被她得頭都低低的不敢走
  5. May今天不知道看Molly哪裡不順眼,還想要咬Molly耶,也不想想自己跟Molly的體型差距,真有現代女性的氣魄!
  6. Julian輪椅坐得好好的一下子不見他他竟上演金蟬脫殼這招,不過有輪椅還是有差,跑得飛快的咧!

1. Coffee is finally back, and right when he got into the runway dragged Chiao to room three!

2. Addie went to try out room seven. They didn’t reject him, but they didn’t hplay with him either. Addie is still optimistic and is just trying to get to know everyone!

3. Pangbian isn’t eating and threw up a few times, so he’s staying in the office under surveillance. We hope that it’s just too hot.

4. Phoenix is too mean! Dahei got yelled by Phoenix so much that he won’t raise his head.

5. May for some reason didn’t like Molly today and even tried to bite her without thinking of their difference in size – very much like the boldness of today’s women!

6.. Julian was sitting happily in his wheelchair until he disappeared and can get around very quickly in his wheelchair!