Sucie and Susan's update

Here are some photos of Sucie. She is living with foster mom now.

Sucie's foster mom says that she couldn't believe that Sucie and Susan were born on the same day. Sucie is much bigger than Susan.

Susan now is staying at rescue center. She's got all her shots and is ready for adoption. She is still very playful. She likes to invite other dogs to play with her. NiuNiu likes Susan a lot. Today, Joey was giving Susan a nail cut for the first time.

Maggie's up date~

This is the up date from Maggie's mom !!!

She's doing really well, learning to sit, come and lie down. She doesn't always come, and mostly only comes to me rather than other people, but I'm sure she will start to trust more people over time. She has started playing now when we take her up on the roof, and loves the river outside our house. It's been great to watch her get more confident and happy.

Thank you so much Sarah !