2010 Pet carnival

舉辦一年一度的 Pet carnival

1. The next time you visit, check out Shoey. He really likes Hobbit. They even give each other kisses!

2. Whenever someone enters Buddy's room, he likes to stand on the table and wave his paws at them. Sometimes when I bend down to pick up the dog bowls, he taps me on the head with his paw. (Hey, that messes up my hair!)

3. Addie was bitten on the face again. It’s so sad! (If you pet the right side of her face, she groans in pain.)

4. While Pat was drinking some water, Lulu ran over to see what goodies he was eating. Lulu got too close to Pat’s bowl and he bit her, giving Lulu a wound on the head. We gave Lulu a little haircut to make it easier to apply medicine to the wound. Now Lulu has a bald patch on her head. No laughing please!

5. Norton went for a run today. There was a little dog that tried to play with him, but Norton was startled and barked at him instead. He tried to be tough with the little dog, but he was trembling. Poor Norton is afraid of new dogs.

Coco went to Taipei American School today.

Coco went to Taipei American School today.

Faye took him there to meet his sponsor.
She said that Coco put on a great show,
and that the students were crazy about him.
He made a big impression on them.

Here is a picture of Faye and Coco after they returned from their trip.
P.S. Coco kept trying to kiss Faye!