Joe 鬥雞眼~~~

Joe is doing good, but he likes to eat so much!!
he is a very lovely cat, I am very lucky!!
Joe 現在每天都很開心...每天都睡飽飽吃飽飽~
真開心有這麼一個貼心的伙伴喲 !

Sheila went to Try out.


各位愛護 我們最撒嬌的 Sheila的志工們,

Sheila 今天下午到奕璇家去試養了,

讓我們祝福Sheila.. ( Sheila與新媽咪的合照後補).

To every one who love Sheila, Sheila went to try out this afternoon. Her new mommy is very very nice person. Let's us give Sheila the best bless.

Diary of Thumbelina in Foster home.

Diary of Thumbelina

Thumbelina was rescued in July 2009 because she was very sick in a street in Keelung and very skinny and dirthy.
Aug 2009, our experensed volunteer , Natasha, took her home and takes care of this unusuall small kitte.

when Foster mommy picked up the kitten, she was not too happy about the kittens stomach area so she took it to her vet for an assessment and also to contact the other vet who was taking care of it. Her vet gave her some medicine to give to Thumbelina to help make the stools (poop) softer because it was obvious that the poo was not coming out. After giving the meds to kitty 4 times, she was still not happy about the size of the stomach so today after work, she went back to the vet and they squeezed the poop out. Before they did this, the kitty weighed 400g. After all the shit was squeezed out, the kitty weighed 350g. That is 50g of shit. That's a lot of shit for such a tiny thing. Actually, She could not believe her eyes when She saw all the poop that came out of that little kitty.
Now, the kitten is more comfortable but she can only eat very small amounts of food which is mixed with a vitamen supplement and lots of water. They are also continuing the meds the vet gave. They will see how this goes but if kitty does not poo by herself then She will take her to the vet again in 2 days to sqeeze the poop out.
She have attached a photo so you can see how small she is. She still needs to grow a lot before she will be strong enough for the surgery. Once she gets the surgery, the prognosis is generally good.


Thumbelina went to the vet for another poop squeeze tonight. Poop color is normal (2 days ago it was yellow). Vet said I can feed her more and we are also increasing the amount of meds (to help to make poop softer).
Dear All
Thumbelina passed away today around 2pm. Vet thinks she had liver problems and that this is the reason why she did not gain weight. I think her poor little tired body just could not fight anymore. She crossed over quickly. Now, she is in kitty heaven without the constraints of her physical body. I am sure she has wings and that she is looking down at us and thanking everyone for giving her a chance at life and an opportunity to be loved.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know her and spend some time with her.