2010 Pets Show

Dearly Beloved Volunteers,

A HUGE thank you for all your help at the 2010 Pets Show!!!

It was truly inspiring to see how eager and passionate each of you were in helping to hand out pamphlets & postcards to everyone that passed by our booth and around the hall; ensuring to bring awareness to adoption & promote sponsorship to anyone and everyone that stopped to give you a few seconds of time.

You were diligent in sharing our binders, and stories of our dogs & cats, and introducing our furry friends at the booth to animal lovers like yourselves. Of course, also a big kudos to A-mei, Judy, Diana, Fluffy, Coffee, Molly, and Skal for helping to raise donations and bring smiles & awareness!

Big thanks to all the drivers for making it possible to bring our furries to this event; you made it possible for people to put a face to this overwhelming issue. Moreover they were vital in helping to raise donations.

A few of you also took time off from work in order to come participate - Thank you for going the extra mile to help out!

Special thanks to Rita & Lusan for helping to prepare the furries for the event every morning! Also, a big thanks to Liza for all your efforts, from helping to organize all the materials for the booth with Lusan to coming in and rallying up team spirit with your contagious enthusiasm!

Thanks to Lilian for helping to arrange printing for the pamphlets and postcards and ensuring they were sent on time - They were vital in helping us to pass on our message!

Thanks to Joey for helping to deliver a table at a moment's notice, and also for coming to help move and transport everything back to the centre!
This event has been successful beyond all expectations!!! Because of all your efforts, we had 8 adoption inquiries, which Rita & Lusan will be following up on. Also 12 ppl signed up to become AT volunteers. Furthermore we raised a combined total of $30,492 from sales & donations!!!

Please give yourselves a huge pat on the back for an amazing job, and let's continue this momentum for other events down the road!