2010 WAD event. Make sure you come and support us

The official link of WAD :http://www.u-channel.com/even

Hills promoting and supporting Animals Taiwan. Thank you so much!

Tongtong adopted by his foster family.

TongTong's ( one of the Goden retreiver that we rescued last year) foster family ended up decided to adopt TongTong. They love TongTong so theyI want to keep him forever. they love him so much

The foster family already signed the contact. TongTong has a real home now. ^ ^

Eleven went for a tryout on Monday

Dear all,

Just want to share you with this good new: Eleven went for a tryout on Monday. He was return last time after the 3 days tryout. Hope it will be success this time.


Xiao Mi is looking for a loving home

Hello Everyone!

Hi, I'm Xiao Mi, I'm a cute and outgoing little boy. I'm currently 4.5mths old; I think I'm a mix between Beagle & Native Taiwanese dog - regardless, I think I'm pretty smart looking. :P

I'm a very good doggy, and I don't like to bark like those other yappy dogs. I'm very playful, and my current hobby is chewing things...but only because I'm a puppy - I'm pretty sure it's a phase thing. I'm able to be a good boy and have not issues just chilling out at home by myself. I would make a wonderful companion - Pls take me home and give me a chance to show you how incredibly lovable I am!

Name:Xiao Mi, means Little Rice in Chinese

DOB:April 2010

Medium sized dog at 7kg

Currently staying at ZhongYi Rd., Taipei City


Not yet neutered

Personality is calm and friendly

Contact Person - JUDY LIN:


office:02-2501-8383 ext.287


Happy tail of MaoMao and Foxy ^ ^

Dear all,

Maomao and Foxy went to new homes last Saturday. Maomao has gotten plenty of attention from her new family. They all love her.
Foxy was very nervous being in a new environment. The family was very understanding, gave Foxy some space and let her slowly getting used to the new home. Let's cross our fingers for Foxy.