Princess Lea & Luke Skywalker need your support

Two little puppies were found curled up on the side of the road this morning (March 29th).

They have a very bad skin condition and were so weak they could hardly stand. Animals Taiwan picked them up and took them straight to the vet.


They also have a touch of the flu and are now recieving medication for thier skin and the flu.

It will take a lot of love, patience and money to get them both back to health,
 but AT never gives up on its rescues and we'll do everything we can to help them.

Once some water and food was placed in front of them the dived straight in.
We'll be keeping everyone updated on their progress.
We've named them
Princess Lea and
Luke Skywalker
and we hope the force will be with them.

Luke is looking better and has much more energy.

However, Lea is still struggling a bit.


 Luke loves attention and cuddles,
 but Lea is still a little shy.

Lea and Luke have made a very remarkable and quick recovery.

Their fur is now completely grown back and they have put on weight. They have recieved thier first vaccinations and will be spayed and neutered by the end of May.

They are ready for adoption and would love happy homes.
P5031749  Luke is very lively and loves to play.

He has a lot of energy and will take some training to make sure he listens to comands and behaves himself.


He is sweet and not afraid of anything. He loves all people and other dogs.


Lea is a bit more shy than Luke and a little calmer.


She is sweet natured and loves people.


She still needs to gain a little more in confidence and will need some training to walk on the lead properly.

If you would like to meet either Luke or Lea
please contact adoptions@animalstaiwan.org or call 02-28338820


If you would like to donate to their care
please contact our treasurer@animalstaiwan.org

Name of Bank: Mega International Commercial Bank, Lan-Ya Branch (bank code: 017)
Name of Acct: Animals Taiwan AssociationAccount No: 010-09-029257

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