Steinly's new room, new roommates.

Steinly was rescued because of his unusually big tummy. After his examination, it was found that he had very serious heart worm disease, so it was the water in his belly making it so big.

After the heartworm treatment and several minor surgeries, where the vet made a hole and took the fluids out of his abdomen, he survived and belly went back to normal. In the beginning, he bit people, but that might just have been because he was suffering from a lot pain. When his health improved, he felt much better, and he even showed progress, becoming friendlier with staff and the volunteers. He is now very affectionate, just like a kid.

When his disease became stable, it was time to go out to live with other dogs. We were quite nervous because he was not a good-tempered dog in the beginning, and he fought with others. So we were very, very careful to arrange his move, afraid of any new fights.

Fortunately, the work of changing his room only took a week. We only tried one room, and all the dogs seemed to get along very well. ( not every dog does so well when changing rooms.)

Steinly lives with Wendle now. He is doing incredibly well with others. He never fights with his roommates ( even Wendle , who likes to bully others very much, but never even tried to bully Steinly ). Although Steinly doesn't play with his roommates, we can tell he likes his new room.

Steinly is a very nice big boy and likes exercise. He also likes to sit with people enjoying the sun. He is here at the center. welcoming you to take him for a walk.