Rosanne and Rosy.

My name is Rosanne and I'm a pure breed Rottweiler. I was used for breeding so all my children have been taken away from me and sold. But then I was dumped on the street and had a mixed baby called Rosy. I finally have one of my children by my side. I don't want to lose Rosy so I hope a loving family will adopt us both.
I am about 2 years old, spayed and had my first vaccination. I've also been de-wormed and received flea treatment.
Rosy, my daughter, is a mixed Rottweiler. She is 4 months old (as of May). She has also been spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and received flea treatment.
We are both very affectionate and well behaved. We both walk well on leads and come when called. We have had blood tests and are healthy.
We're looking for a loving home together so I can finally fulfill my dream of being a loving mother.
We are currently living at a recycling depot. A kind volunteer of Animals Taiwan is looking after us
Contact: Liza 0932344687 – liza@animalstaiwan.org


Happy need your HELP

Happy, suffering from a broken leg, was rescued at noon today at Jiantan MRT Station. He is currently at the vet undergoing surgery for his leg. We are waiting for the vet to confirm if Happy's injury is due to a car accident or abuse. Thank you to Kate and Mrs. Tsai for reporting Happy and assisting us with the rescue. We have named him Happy hoping that he will be just that after his recovery. If you would like to foster Happy until he finds a permanent home, please contact AT


Judy's wheelchair

JudJudy's wheelchair had been broken for a while, so she couldn't drive around the yard greeting people. She borrowed Otis's but they are different sizes, so it just didn't work. Fortunately, the wheelechair company sent us replacement parts, so we could fix it for Judy. Now she is finally able to drive her red BMW around again. She's so excited to race around with Julian, and of course, to meet visitors and ask for attention.
( this photo was taken while Judy was take a rest in her room.)