Kissing game

While all the other dogs were having their afternoon nap, there were two dogs playing a "kissing game". It was Liberty and Mustard! Getting kissed by Liberty, Mustard looked a little bit shy, but maybe it was because we were watching. Mustard really gets all the attention from the ladies in his pen. Notice how their legs cross...^ ^


Two 2 months puppies need home.

Hi, I am Riot (on left) and this is my sister Roullette. We were playing rough and tumble in the middle of a busy street when we were picked up. We have been to the vet to get all of our shots and have been de-wormed as well, so we are stong and healthy now. We are also almost fully potty trained too! Though we would love to stay here with our awseome new parents () we can’t because of compund rules. I am very fun loving and love to play with a ball, my sister Roullette is a little more demure then me, that’s why she has a fancy name. She loves to sleep and eat. She is getting fatter every day. We love to play and learn new tricks and promise to be no trouble at all!
If you are interested in adopt us ,
please contact angelinaalvaro@yahoo.com 0917-078-294

Age: 2-3 months
Breed: local puppies
Colour: one is all black,
the other is black with
brown paws.
Vaccinations: Yes
Sex: Female