Nala - nice puppy needs a home

Nala was rescued by a friend of AT because she had tail injured and skin problem. Nala is now no tail but is very healthy. All the skin problem has been treated. She is a little bit shy to a stranger but soon she start to show her friendly. please see the film to know her good personality.
Nala , 4 month old ( DOB: about 2010 Oct ) , female puppy
please contact 0228338820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you want to adopt a wonderful puppy


Button 's happy tail

Dear all,
Button has found a good home. Her new mom sent these happy photos to us.

Button was frightened when she was first rescued. She had never had contact with people. Through Animals Taiwan, Button was able to gain confidence and gradually felt comfortable being held. That gave her a greater chance of being adopted. She found her new home last month. Now she has a perfect family and a furry sister. ^ ^

We rescued 30 dogs from the disreputable breeder. Now we only have one dog, Amei, still waiting at the rescue center for her lovely home.

Amei is very sweet and full of energy. She loves people and is super friendly to kids. She is the perfect pet for a family. If you are looking for a friendly dog and would like to meet Amei, please contact us at 02-2833-8820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org.

Puppies for adoption

These puppies (a brown/black, a red/brown, three blacks) are all 3-months old and are all girls.

Please feel free to come visit them. Please contact
02-2833-8820 adoptions@animalstaiwan.org

HELP!Lost dog

This is Arnold, a small-sized, male mixed breed dog. When he sits, one of his back legs will not bend, he ran away and got lost around Zhou-Mei street’s small boat port. If you find him, please contact us immediately at any time. 02-2833-8820 - 0966-876829