Amei is the best playmates for every dog.

Amei enjoys playing with the other dogs. If you would like to find a dog to accompany you. Amei is the one! She is great with kittens, too!

Amei's only 8Kg and has a great personality. She has never bitten anyone before and will come to you once she hears you calling her. She does not need a leash when you take her for walks.

If you are interested in adopting Amei or is able to provide her a temproary home, please reach us at 02-2833-8820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org.






阿妹只有8公斤左右, 個性非常棒,



如果您有興趣認養阿妹, 或是當她的中途家庭,

請聯絡 02-2833-8820 adoptions@animalstaiwan.org

Stuffed-animals-loving Eric found a happy home of his own!

Rescued after being critically injured in a car accident, stuff-animals-loving Eric found a happy family of his own!
This year mid February, Animals Taiwan rescued Eric after he was critically injured during a car accident around Formosa Fun Coast theme park. Although the doctors at 24 hours emergency care hospital were not optimistic about his prognosis, they still tried their best to save his life and hind legs. Luckily, Eric survived. Due to the severity of his injuries and the surgery that he needed for his legs, Eric had to stay in the hospital until his conditions were stabilized.
When Eric was brought back to the center for rehabilitations and rest after his surgeries, because of his penchant for cleanliness, he refused to use the restroom unless he was outdoors. As Eric was under strict orders from his doctors to not to use his hind legs to ensure a smooth recovery, his care takers at the center would faithfully carry him, nearly 40kgs in total, outside everyday to use the bathroom.
During rehabilitation, care takers also found Eric to be sweet and friendly. Though he is about six to seven of age, Eric is still like a little boy who loves to play with toys. He would often hold the toys in his mouth for extended periods of time, and sometimes, he would even take them to the bathroom with him!
After a period of rest, Eric had a great recovery. You care barely notice the limp in his hind legs.
Animals Taiwan is really grateful of all its supporters. Without your support and generosity, we would not have been able to rescue and treat poor sweet Eric nor support the rescue center to give Eric a place to recover in peace. Further, we wouldn’t have been able to help him find a loving home.

Animals Taiwan needs your continued support and welcome new friends to join so that we can continue to help furry kids in need like Eric.

To find out more about Animals Taiwan, please visit: www.AnimalsTaiwan.Org or call (02) 2833-8820

  • We welcome you to join us in sponsoring animals in need. To find out more about becoming a sponsor, please call: (02) 2833-8820 or email us at : sponsor@animalstaiwan.org


XiaoMi , 5-moth-old handsome puppy needs a home.

Hi, I'm Xiao Mi, I'm a cute and outgoing little boy. I'm currently 5 moths old; I think I'm a mix between Beagle & Native Taiwanese dog - regardless, I think I'm pretty smart looking. :P

I'm a very good doggy, and I don't like to bark like those other yappy dogs. I'm very playful and lovely , friendly and affectionate. I'm already house trained and only poo poo on the newspaper. I would make a wonderful companion - Pls take me home and give me a chance to show you how incredibly lovable I am!

( 5 month old male puppy, live in Taipei. please contact Rita 02-2833-8820 or rita@animalstaiwan.org if you have any chance to help him. )

monthly flea market this coming Sunday, 26th Sept.

We will be holding the monthly flea market at Grandma Nitty's this coming Sunday, 26th Sept. We are changing the time from 5pm to 10pm. If you would like to volunteer please contact liza@animalstaiwan.org 0932-344-687

Taiwan's Doctor Dog forced to close due to lack of funding

Here is an article on Taiwan Doctor Dog's imminent closure due to lack of funding. If possible, please get in the link to see if you can help it in anyway.


Please help Diana.

Diana is the victim of the cruel and senseless world of breeding here in Taiwan. She was obviously kept in a cage for many years and solely used for producing puppies. She was unceremoniously dumped on the streets of Keelong. Her nails where so long they were growing back into her pads and made it very difficult for her to walk. Her skin is in terrible condition as are her teeth and she is badly malnourished. After being dumped on the streets she obviously didn’t have the strength to walk far or take care of herself. She then lay down in the middle of the road and was hit by a car. A passer-by screamed and the driver of the car was so shocked that they immediately stopped. However, Diana was stuck under the front of the car. The car was jacked up and Diana was pulled free. She was immediately sent to the vet for treatment. Miraculously she wasn’t seriously hurt. There were no broken bones and she is able to walk ok. She has some wounds on her back and her feet have been badly scraped. She is currently staying at the vets to receive further treatment for her wounds and for observation. She is looking for a forever home or a foster home where she can recover in comfort and finally receive the love and attention she deserves. This beautiful lady who is the mascot of the British Isles shouldn’t (as shouldn’t any other animal) be kept in these conditions just so that people can make money from her offspring. This is cruel and totally inhuman. Please, Please remember to adopt and don’t add to the cruelty by buying an animal. Please remind your friends and families of all the loving animals out there waiting for forever homes who may miss the chance because of the brutal industry of breeders and pet stores.

Please contact us if you are interested in giving this lovely lady a forever home or foster home on 02-28338820 adoptions@animalstaiwan.org