Panini the Kitten is looking for perfect home!

Hey!!!            Hey!!!
Play with me!!!
Who are you?!
      My name’s Panini!

 I don’t remember much about my early life - my earliest memory is coming to Animals Taiwan with my sister, Fucasha. We had a lot of fun, running around and playing together.
Now it’s just me .
The hoo-mans tell me that my sister has gone to her furr-ever home, and they hope I can find one too!
I want to go soon…I want lots of new places to explore, and new friends to play with!!!

PANINI is an incredibly excitable 7 month old kitten, with unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

She loves to play, and will chase anything she finds on the floor (toy mice, balls, pens, insects, feet…!)

She also loves to be stroked, and will happily sit on your lap – until she sees something she’d like to play with! 

She is relaxed around everyone, and is a wonderfully sweet-natured kitten.

Age: Oct 2011   Breed: Tabby Mix   Sex: Female    

Spayed and Vaccinated

Spring has arrived - March Report

Finally we are starting to see some good weather, but of course as springis here we’ll also have those spring showers which always catch us off guard.

March has been a busy month with many events and visits to our centre. Weare always grateful for our volunteers and supporters who come by and visit usto help clean and also walk our dogs. We have some very wonderful regularvolunteers who make sure they come each week and walk the dogs. The dogs reallyenjoy this time out and about and it really helps with their chances ofadoption if they are good on the lead and well socialized. We’d liketo say a big thank you to Lorena Poitras and Kim Phillips who have started up amonthly dog walking club. The firstevent was held in March which saw over 20 people coming by the centre to walkthe dogs and meet everyone. It was a very successful day and everyone had agreat time. This will be a regular event and we hope more people can join.

Another really successful event of March was the UK in Taiwan event.Thanks to our amazing volunteers we managed to raise over $60,000 and also hada rescue that day. We’d like to say a big thank you to the organizers of theevent for including us and we look forward to next year’s event.

We’d also like to say thank you to Tong Wu University who included us intheir event and helped to promote us and raise money.

If you wouldlike to hold an event for Animals Taiwan or have an event where you’d like AnimalsTaiwan to come along, please contact liza@animalstaiwan.org.


NiZuay was found by asupporter of Animals Taiwan walking the streets. She couldn’t believe such asmall and old dog was out alone on the streets. She was sure she was lost. Shecalled Animals Taiwan and asked for our help as she was unable to foster due tohaving too many dogs of her own. We took NiZuay to the vet for a check up andchip scan and we were delighted to find she had a chip. However, once we calledthe owner we were told that we had got the wrong number. We decided not to pushthe issue any further as we believe NiZuay deserves someone who will love herno matter what. She’s 15 years old and has a few health problems which includebeing nearly blind, nearly deaf, not many teeth and a few lumps and bumps, butshe’s very active and loving. She’s nice a quiet and just wants to be aroundpeople. At only 3kg she’s tiny and really no trouble at all. We hope to findher that loving home where she can live out her senior years.

Our Chairperson was called by a neighbor who knows she’s involved withanimal rescue about two little pups on the side of the road in really badshape. So our Chairperson went off to investigate and came across Princess Leaand Luke Skywalker. They really were in bad shape. Lea was so weak she couldn’tstand up. They were both malnourished and have extreme scabies. Our Chairpersonscooped them up and put them in the car and went off to the centre. It was ahuge concern as we thought they may have parvo or distemper two very contagiousdiseases. However, after a check at the vet it was found that they just had atouch of the flu. They are now slowly putting on weight and with regularmedical baths their fur is starting to grow back. It’s going to be a long process,but we know they will fight though it and be the beautiful dogs they were meantto be. They are super friendly and loving and we hope once they are well theywill find loving homes.

During the UK in Taiwan event we were asked to come and take a look at adog wandering round the road. We went out to investigate and met Richard, a 3legged dog who was very tired and weak and also had a lot of ticks. He hadalready had his front leg amputated but the stitches were still in and therewas a slight swelling. He was friendly and sweet, so we decided to take himback to the centre to get him checked out and see if we could find his originalowner. We took him to the vet and got him neutered and the stitches in his legtaken out and we found that he has Ehlichia Canis a tick born disease. He isnow receiving medication for this and is looking much healthier and happier.He’s now walking happily on the lead and we’re looking hard to find this handsomeyoung man a happy home.

During February after our rescue of the6 black and white puppies we were told by some neighbours that there wasanother litter of puppies nearby on a farm. We went to investigate and found 8puppies who were only a week or so old. We talked to the farmer and he agreedto keep the puppies on the farm with the mother coming to feed them for onemonth, until the puppies could eat by themselves. The farmer was true to hisword and kept them safe. We went to pick them up and brought them to thecentre. There were 7 males and 1 female, we’ve named them King Arthur, King Uther, Guinevere, Sir Perceval, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot, Merlin and Sir Bedivier. We are looking for loving homes for these lovely puppies.

While out on our CNR projects a dog with a chain collar was reported to us and we went toinvestigate. It was found that the chain collar had bitten into the dog’s neckand caused a very serious infection and open wounds. We managed to catch thedog and get him medical care. Once his neck has healed he’ll be returned to hisfeeding area.



 Again this month adoptions are low, we are working hard to try new avenuesto increase our adoption rates, these include more updates on our facebookabout each of our animals, more posting on Chinese websites and starting inApril we’ll be attending the Mucha Flower market once a month for a two dayadoption event. We hope all of these ideas will help push our adoptions up andfind our loving furry friends happy homes. We not only want to find our furriesloving homes, but without them going out we can’t help more as we only havelimited space.

However, this month we do have two happy tails

Bailey finally found his forever home. He has gone to a loving family whoespecially went looking for a new home where Bailey would be able to live withthem and they would have places to walk him and give him the open space heneeds. We are so happy for him.

Also our Timid Mango has found a happy home. Her new mommy understands she is a little afraid but is willing to work with her and give her the space andpatience she needs to build her confidence. We are so happy when loving peoplelike this come to adopt from us. Each animal is unique and just needs a littleunderstanding.


During the month of March we have completed 16 cat TNRs. The numbers arestill low due to the weather. It is much more difficult to trap cats when it’sraining and we also want to make sure the weather is warm enough that when theyare placed back after their rest they won’t have any complications due to thecold. So from the beginning of 2012 until now we have competed 174 cats.

Our dog CNR projects are also takingoff. This month we have caught 28 dogs which include 25 females and 3 males. Wetry to concentrate on each area to make sure we get all the dogs in that areabefore moving on to a new one. This means it takes time as once the dogs knowwho we are it is much more difficult to catch them.

More news

We’d like to give everyone a heads up for the following month’s events.

As we’ve said starting in April we’ll be attending the Mucha Flower Marketonce a month for a two day adoption event. Our first adoption event here willbe on April 21st and 22nd from 9am to 6pm.We’ll be bringing some of our foster dogs and also the puppies. We’ll bepromoting adoption and trying to raise awareness of the importance of adoption.We really hope this will increase people’s interest in adoption.

The second adoption event at the Mucha Flower market will be on May 26th and 27th

We’ll also be holding a huge book sale outside TLI in Tiamue on May 5th.We are very grateful for TLI who has kindly offered the space outside theirschool for us to hold this event.

Also in May we’ll be holding an exciting fun event in Fulong. A wonderfulsupporter of Animals Taiwan “The Fu Bar” will be hosting “The Fu Bar BeachBash” on May 19th. Tickets are $1000 a head and they include the busride to and from FuLong and food at the FuBar. There will also be lucky drawsand fun and games. A great way to start the summer off and help the animals.