Panini the Kitten is looking for perfect home!

Hey!!!            Hey!!!
Play with me!!!
Who are you?!
      My name’s Panini!

 I don’t remember much about my early life - my earliest memory is coming to Animals Taiwan with my sister, Fucasha. We had a lot of fun, running around and playing together.
Now it’s just me .
The hoo-mans tell me that my sister has gone to her furr-ever home, and they hope I can find one too!
I want to go soon…I want lots of new places to explore, and new friends to play with!!!

PANINI is an incredibly excitable 7 month old kitten, with unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

She loves to play, and will chase anything she finds on the floor (toy mice, balls, pens, insects, feet…!)

She also loves to be stroked, and will happily sit on your lap – until she sees something she’d like to play with! 

She is relaxed around everyone, and is a wonderfully sweet-natured kitten.

Age: Oct 2011   Breed: Tabby Mix   Sex: Female    

Spayed and Vaccinated

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  1. Hey! Wish I could take beautiful (seriously, devastatingly beautiful) Maria home, but I don't have a house I can share with her. :(