Toby's first real Christmas!

Dear Animal lovers of AT~

We can't wait to share with you a Christmas card that was sent from Toby's new mom~
She said that Toby's doing great in the new family!

Toby has been in AT for 4 years and this is the first time that he stayed at a loving home for Christmas.

We thank you for all the help and support from everyone out there that has helped AT~

It was because of your help, Toby got his happiness today~!

Dear Santa~

Dear Santa,

Us furries at Animals Taiwan have been good all year and we would really like some Christmas gifts. Our Christmas gifts will not only help us but also other Furry friends out there that need help and comfort. Here is our Christmas wish list we don't mind if it is new or second hand. Or Money can be donated to buy the item ourselves.

Thank you so much Santa for not forgetting us this year!!

Large and medium dog carriers/crates ($4000 - 7000 each)

Large dog kennels ($5000 - 8000 each)

Blankets/large towels - second handDart medication - ($10,000 for 26 bottles)

Leads and collarsDog catching net ($10,000)

Cat humane traps ($5000 - 7,000)

Tick and flea treatment ($180 per dog per month- about 70 dogs)

2 sets Walkie talkies for animal rescues ( $1600 per set)