URGENTLY need foster home for Danica (puppy) to recieve treament.

While going to feed two puppies in her neighbourhood, a volunteer noticed 2 puppies by the side of the road. She stopped immediately and tried to catch them. She caught one, Danica. The other rushed off into the bushes. Danica was rushed to the vets as she had terrible skin problems, was dehydrated and her eyes were closed up due to mucus.On inspection at the vet's it was noticed she had 4 large bit marks on her rear end. Two of the puncture wounds were infected and found to be full of maggots. Her rear end was also full of pus due to infection. She has received a jab to help with the infection and all her wounds have been washed. She has also received treatment to help with her skin condition.Danica will need constant care until her wounds close and her skin gets better. She is currently staying at the vets but can’t stay there for too long.
Do you have room for this little girl? It is better if you have no other pets and can help her to clean her wounds and give her weekly baths to help her skin condition.
If you can help please contact Liza@animalstaiwan.org. All she needs is love and attention to recover and become a beautiful little girl. Please open your heart and home to this little girl and she will be eternally grateful.