Sunny ( suffered from distemper )

Sunny was found in a 2-meter deep water drain in BeiTou. He looked in pain and was constantly twitching. He was so scared that he tried to bite the person trying to rescue him. He was taken to a vet, but the vet unfortunately didn't want to touch him as he believed he had distemper. We then took him to a different vet and he was examined and diagnosed as having distemper. However, it is in its late stage, so it is no longer contractable by other dogs. He eats well and we will keep an eye on him. He is still twitching, but doesn't seem to be in pain, and therefore we will give him every chance to recover or live a comfortable life.
Sunny是我們在北投一個2公尺深的水溝裡發現的狗狗, 當時他在水溝裡不停的抽搐,由於牠太害怕,當我們要抱牠出來時,牠試著想咬抱牠的人. 我們趕緊帶牠去一家獸醫院,但那個醫師一看牠的症狀,判斷極有可能是犬瘟, 就不敢碰牠, 開了藥請我們給牠吃. 我們趕緊再帶牠去另一間醫院, 經過詳細檢驗,醫師判斷牠是之前染了犬瘟,但現在已經過了犬瘟期. 不過由於病毒已侵襲到腦, 所以牠會不自主的抽搐,這樣的症狀會跟著牠. 目前牠住在中心裡接受觀察.

rescued date: 9月20, Sept 20
rescue person: Joey & Throsten