Abused by human - 2 puppies. Sucie and Susan.

rescue date: Sept. 17th
救援日期: 9月17
(1)Sucie and Susan were rescued from LinKou. They were cruelly abused by a man. Sucie had lost an eye because of the cruelty, and Susan's leg was broken. Their poor brother wasn't so lucky, and he was beaten to death on the spot by this man. Even though Sucie and Susan were so cruelly treated, they are very friendly and love to be around people. They are both very sweet and playful. At 2 months old they have had a terrible start to life, although you would never guess it by their wagging tails at the sight of people. They now are staying at the center and are waiting for someone to give them the loving home that they deserve. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt these ladies will have the best gift life could give.
Sucie和 Susan 因為被人為虐待, 以致於Sucie 一隻眼睛瞎掉,而 Susan則腳嚴重骨折. 更不幸的是, 他們的妹妹是被當場活活打死的. 她們倆現在在救援中心裡養傷, Susan的個性活潑, 精力充沛喜歡玩來玩去, Sucie較秀氣, 非常喜愛人類, 愛親親. 她們都愛被摸肚肚. 她們現在兩個月大,希望找到一個充滿了愛的家庭,給他們一輩子的幸福.