Kato needs a home~

ADOPT a loving Taiwanese friend …for life~

Woof Woof Woof! My name is KATO.

I used to hang around near a furniture store in Neihu. Sometimes, some nice people would give me food and that’s how I survived all these days out there as a stray. Rain or shine, I’d be there so I could get something to keep my tummy happy.

Although most people were kind to me, some people did not like to see me there. You know, we dogs can feel if a person is friendly and means good to us or not. So when I sensed that a person did not have good intension, I used to hide or run away as fast as I could. I almost got run by cars several times by doing this.

One day, I didn’t have the same luck and a car hit me on my left rump. It hurt but I kept walking to move myself to a safer place, free of traffic. I tried to treat my wound by leaking it but it wasn’t getting any better…. It was also so cold and rainy on those days after the accident that I did not have much energy to go begging for food again.

Three days after the accident, I was so tired. I did not have anything to eat and my legs were shivering. I just wanted to lay down for a while and rest. AT this time, I was very blessed that a nice lady noticed me and tried to wake me up. After several calls, I was able to stand up. I was scared in the beginning, but somehow, I knew she was trying to help me. She held me in her arms and took me to the Vet.

The Vet was very nice to me. He cleaned my wound and had drawn my blood to check my health. The Vet was surprised to see that I took good care of myself while living in the streets. The lady who rescued me was also happy to know that I was a healthy dog and the open wound could be easily fixed with few stitches.

I spent four days at the Vet and I am now neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. The nice lady who rescued me is now my foster Mom and she said she will help me find a permanent home. She said, I could not go back to where I was found because that area has too much traffic and I could have another accident again.

I’m trying my best to show my foster mom my appreciation. I know she doesn’t have enough space in her house to keep me because she already has two dogs who are now like my brother and sister. They are teaching me to use the bathroom and walk on the leash properly so I can be adopted more easily. I have fun with my brothers. We play every day and my foster Mom trusts me fully. She allows me to stay loose in the house and I promised her that I will behave well.

My name KATO, is inspired after the handsome Taiwanese actor, Jay Chou, who has just played the role of Kato in Green Hornet movie and is my foster mom’s favorite. Please, give me a chance to be your forever companion. I only need a chance to love someone unconditionally as this is my nature..
Please call Mayumi if you can give Kato a home: Mayumi@animalstaiwan.org or 02-28338820 beofe 6PM or 0910 221 501 after 6pm.