3 small sized dogs need loving homes~

It seems another three little doggies have been dumped on the street by a nasty uncaring breeder, Gigi, Winnie and Mini. We know for sure that all have had puppies before and that Winnie has had her vocal cords removed/cut.

Gigi is about 5 years old, female and spayed spayed. She’s only 7 kg, but actually she should be a little smaller as she’s a little over weight at the moment. She’s very friendly and loves to be around people. She has no health issues and is ready for adoption.

Winnie is also about 5 years old, female, spayed and only weighs 2.3 kgs. She is also very friendly. Unfortunately she does have heart worm. She has received the "treatment shot" for heart worm and we are hoping we caught it in time and she’ll recover well. Unfortunately this little lady also seems to have been in some kind of accident and is limping on her front leg. We will have her x-rayed and make sure she receives the best treatment. Then she’ll also be ready for adoption. She has had her vocal cords cut, but she’s very friendly and loves being around people.

Little Mini is only 1.8 kgs. She’s female and again about 5 years old. She’s been spayed and has no health issues. She is quite shy but once she’s being held starts to relax a little. She’s never barked and would make the perfect companion.

For more information on these wonderful little ladies, please contact our rescue centre on 02-28338820 or email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org