Eleven Puppies Available for Adoption

It’s Raining Puppies! Eleven Puppies Available for Adoption

We found these 11 puppies in the hills around Xindian.

(We later discovered that in addition to these 11 puppies, there was also a female who had just given birth, but we couldn't find her puppies.)

We hope to find homes for these little guys soon. In this area, two dogs have already lost a leg each to gin traps.

These 11 pups are barely one month old—they are pudgy little fur balls full of vim and vigor.

Please contact us at 02-2833-8820 or adoptions@animalstaiwan.org if you would like to adopt one of these cuties.

If you can't adopt one, please try to put out the word that they are looking for good homes. Thank you.

The pups are still in Xindian, please feel free to come visit them.

There is 1 black and white (male), 4 brown (3 male & 1 female), 2 black (1 male & 1 female), 2 brown and white (1 male & 1 female), and 2 red (1 male & 1 female).

The puppies' mother is about 12 kg, so the pups will probably grow to be about the same.

We will be responsible for spaying and neutering the puppies, so there is no need to worry about them going into heat.