CNR Hsin Tien

Hi everyone,

After we found 11 puppies in the moutain, ( we are now trying to find homes for them. Please contact us if you can adopt or help.) Today, on a cold and wet morning, I set out to catch 3 female dogs. However, I only got one. ( I got lost in the mountains and got far too much exercise).

Where Andrea was feeding the dogs (and a feeding mama) there were also 3 female puppies and 2 male puppies
1 female was caught today - very friendly

1 female puppy still needs to be with her mom. She's very friendly and we will get her after Chinese New Year.
1 female looks like she's feeding puppies but haven't found the puppies, we will also get her after Chinese New Year. She's also very friendly.

2 males - they were a bit scared when we came close to them but they aren't agressive

Further down the mountains, there was a larger pack of dogs by the driveway. There were about 6 females 3 males (There shoule be more but I didn't see them today.)

Small white fluffy - lost one of his legs from an animal trap
female small white fluffy - not sure but i think is a female
3 puppies 2 black 1 white about 2 months old all female
large brindle male very friendly
black female - puppies mother
black/white long haired - think is male
white female - leg was caught in a trap already fallen off

These are the ones I saw today but Andrea told me there should be more. I want to get them too after Chinese New Year. I've already booked with Dr Lin (10 dogs) but I'll need another car as mine won't have enough space.
They all came out today but I can only touch the male brindle.

if you can give us any help, please contact 02-2833-8820 or inquiries@animalstaiwan.org

Thank you for your support :)

( article written by Liza on 2011 Jan )