Bonnie - the Burmese Mountain Dog

Hi my name is Bonnie and I'm a pure bred Bernese mountain dog. I was spotted by a nice person wandering around the riverbank. I wasn't looking too good and the nice person decided to contact Animals Taiwan for me. Luckily Animals Taiwan is actually just around the corner from where I was found. It took them two days to find me as I was hiding in the long grass, but eventually they spotted me and tempted me with food. I came over and let them put a lead on me. However, when they started walking me back to the centre I got scared of the cars and had to be carried. I'm now safe and sound at Animals Taiwan.

I'm going to get a full heath check and be spayed as soon as possible. AT has scanned for a chip but none was found so it looks like I was dumped.

I'm only 3 years old and I'm very gentle and loving. I'm just a bit scared at the moment as I've been fending for myself out on the streets and I really wasn't used to it.

I'm now looking for a loving home. Please contact the people at Animals Taiwan at inquires@animalstaiwan.org or call 02-28338820