Prof Ja's shelter dogs to AT

As promised we followed Dr Lin's instructions and waited for Dr Lin and his staff to treat the dogs at Prof Ja's shelter. Once the dogs had received treatment and were improving, Dr Lin allocated 6 dogs to us. These six dogs are now at our rescue centre. They are now receiving good nourishment and any medical treatment they may need. These dogs are well on their way to recovery and are looking for forever homes.
We are also looking for volunteers to help with these dogs. Because they have been kept at Prof Ja's shelter for so long they are not very sociable with people and need to be socialized and trained. If you have a couple of hours a week that you could spend with 1 or 2 of these dogs, taking them for walks, brushing them, and just generally giving them love, please contact our rescue centre 02-28338820 or inquires@animalstaiwan.org.