Mercy, Megan and Beyonce to Canada

As of 12 midnight last night 6th August 2010 Mercy, Megan and Beyonce were on board their plane and heading for Canada. We will edit this note when we have confirmation of them landing safely.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who made this possible

All the people at Love for Animals. Care for Life. Charity Animal Hospital for their medical care and help in finding a cheaper crate.

Tseng-An Animal Hospital for the treatment and quick recovery of their skin condition. (skin specialist 27383248, Tong Hua Street)

Jai Ching Animal Clinic for the health cert and chipping (great cat specialist 87879121 Bada Road)

Lorena Poitras for jumping straight away to donate $2000

Rainbow Lin who immediately donated $10,000 on hearing of the project

Marcus Chou who donated $1000 on hearing of the project

Niall Birtwell who kindly offered to be the passenger for the pups so they could safely get to Canada.

Kim Greene for introducing Niall to us as soon as she heard we needed a passenger.

And of course Janneane Madill who is opening her home to these three lovely little ladies and finding them homes. This whole project was Janneane's idea as she so wants to continue to help the strays in Taiwan.

Thank you everyone who has helped.

Run down of the cost of sending the 3 pups to Canada.

Medical costs (chips, vacc, etc) $2640
Crate $3007
Ticket $12544
Total cost $18191


Little ladies not sure what's happening.