Caramel's big sugery

Hi! do you remember our plump , cute Caramel ?

Caramel has already been fostered for almost a year. The love from her foster mom makes Caramel more beautiful. It is just like she is living in heaven now.

Caramel was rescued because her pudendum was out of her body. She couldn't pee by herself. She went through 2 very big pudendum surgeries but the problem was still there. Caramel couldn't control her pee so she leaked all the time and everywhere.

After consulting a lot people and going through a lot of reports, Caramel's foster mom, HsinYing, found a very professional vet in this field.

Caramel just underwent another big surgery. Thanks so much to foster mom HsinYing and her whole family for giving Caramel such wonderful care.

Before the surgery, Caramel suddenly kept having blood in her pee. HsinYing worried so much she even postponed the sugery to treat the bloody pee problem. Fortunatly, the blood problem got better after the treatment.

The sugery was sucessful. But the leaking pee problem still remains. The vet took the broken tissue from her bladder, which caused the constant infection. Caramel feels much better now.

But a comfortable life is still far for Caramel to go. Let's give Caramel our best wishes.

The below was written by foster mom HsinYing.

I wonder, is she too great or too blunt, this cute little baby? She still tries to steal food at every chance, glowing with joy, her face illuminated, and her nose always wet. Her nice personality gains every one's love. She always has a big smile whenever we visit the vet. Every vet and the staff say that Caramel is a very good girl. But when she is put on the examining table, she immediately becomes very serious, hiding her tail, shaking her legs... as if it were another dog there.