AL 's happy new life

Al was suffering from canine distemper. He almost died, but he did his best not to let us down. Although he recovered from distemper, his brain was already injured by the disease, causing him to not walk properly. It really affected the chance for his adoption. But luckily, Faye, one of the very important people of Animals Taiwan, adopted Al last year. Al, who is now called Sal, has a very beautiful life now thanks to Faye's kind heart. I went to see Al at the end of last year, and my eyes filled with tears. This dog was no longer Al, he was now Sal. He was now a very happy, confident, strong dog. I can see how much love Faye gives him.

This is a letter written by Faye about Sal.
Sal ( Al) is doing extremely well. He's the funniest little guy. He has now learned to chase balls and can run after them in our yard. Problem is, he won't return them. Sal also likes to chase the other dogs, especially those who are smaller than he. He laughs all the time and wags his tail practically every minute. I really love that dog as does everyone else. What a personality.