Ricky's diaries in foster home

Ricky's diaries in foster home.

2009 / 09/06 by foster mommy

We washed Ricky last week and he was a bit scared and kept wanting me to hold him. Then he was ok. Right now he is lying on the floor chewing a chicken dog treat. He is such a sweet dog. Always trying to climb on my lap and sit with me.


Hi there Rita and everyone at AT.
I just thought you would like to know how Ricky is getting on. He's atruly lovely lovely dog. Quiet, friendly, loving and playful. I love him so much already. He loves his toys and we took him to the river yesterday. He was a bit scared of the water but was happy to sniff around it. At night he sleeps next to my side of the bed and follows me around everywhere.


Aug. 29

Ricky has a wonderful foster home.

Ricky 8月29日, 到寄養阿姨家囉...