We adopted this adorable little bundle of energy through Animals Taiwan when he was still a very small puppy. We noticed an announcement on a website (forumosa.com) that several dogs had been rescued from an unscrupulous breeder where they were being kept in horrible, unsanitary, depressing conditions. A few weeks after being rescued and cared for, he was old enough to be separated from his mother and siblings (who had also been rescued) and that’s when we first met him at the vet. We fell in love with this handsome little fellow instantly. The representative from Animals Taiwan (Liza) who met us at the vet and who had been caring for him was extremely helpful in explaining and arranging the course of vaccinations that he would need. We were given helpful advice whenever requested and even now, several months after adopting Magic, have been helped in getting him neutered and chipped. We can’t say a big enough “THANK YOU” to Animals Taiwan for introducing us to Magic.
He is a healthy, happy dog with a funny, loving personality. He is crazy for belly rubs and loves to play – a real cutey - yet when approached and bothered by dogs ten times bigger than himself, turns into a fearless ‘hero’ and the bigger dog usually ends up backing down! He has the strange habit of jumping onto the roof of his dog house and standing there in the most gallant of poses. We call it his ‘I’m the king of the world’ pose. We look forward to many happy years together with our new friend and encourage those of you who are thinking about adopting and who can provide a loving home to go for it!

在他還很小的時候,我們就透過動物台灣來領養到這隻充滿活力又討喜的小狗狗。我們在 forumosa.com的網站中看到一則聲明,當中有一些被一個殘忍飼主飼養在一個可怕、髒亂又
離開他的母親及兄弟姐妹(他們也有被救出來)而獨自生活 ,就在此時,我們在獸醫那遇到了他。
我們馬上就愛上了這隻帥氣的小夥伴。而來自動物台灣的代表Liza(她跟我們在獸醫那相遇,並且在過去幾週幫助照料MAGIC) 在解釋並且安排MAGIC所需的疫苗注射的程序中給了我們相當大的幫助。每當我們需要時,我們總會收到很有用的建議。甚至現在,在我們認領Magic幾個月後,我們還在閹割及晶片注射上受到協助。就算說再多的"感謝"也不足以報答動物台灣把Magic介紹給我們的情分。
他是一隻漂亮、健康且個性上好笑可愛的狗。他很喜歡玩且超愛被騷肚子–好一個小鬼靈精 - 但在面對其他大他十倍的狗群們的騷擾時,他就會轉變成一隻無畏的"英雄",而那些狗群們通常就會退縮! 他有一種奇怪的嗜好,就是跳上他自己的狗屋,站在上面並擺出一種雄偉的姿勢。我們就稱此姿勢為"我是這世界的王"。