Missing Dog -Pipi

PiPi was lost on Tuesday October 4, 2011, around LiNon Park in Beitou.
Pipi is a white mixed breed dog.
She already 13 yeas old and is somewhat blind and deaf.
She is shy but does not bite.
Please contact Ms. Chen at 0919-588932 or 02-28201281 if you have any information that could help find PiPi.

2 則留言:

  1. I will be on the lookout! Let everyone know if she is found, please!

  2. 你好,我是這篇文章的陳小姐,很遺憾的皮皮並沒有找回來,可否請博主代為刪除這篇文章,保護個人資訊,謝謝