Hucky is going to Seattle today!!

Hucky will take the flight today!! let's cross our fingers for her.

We're still raising money for Hucky as she'll be leaving on 13th September for the US. We not only need to pay for her flight which will be quite expensive as she's over 30kg but we will also have to buy a new crate as she's so big.

We expect costs to come to over $20,000
as of Today August 30th we've raised $11,000

Edit : Donation of $10,000 made on Aug 31st so now we have $21,000

We've just got a quote for the crate $7500
so if you'd like to help Hucky get to the US please see details of how to donate.

UP Date (Aug)! Hucky flies to Seattle tomorrow at 23:00. We wish her a safe flight! We'll update everyone with photos from the airport and with photos when she's in Seattle, We'll also post an expenses sheet and donations recieved. Thank you everyone for making this possible. 

Animals Taiwan has decided to help this wonderful Husky - Hucky - get to the US where she will find a loving home where the climate better suits her and she'll have space to run and roam. However we need your help to do this. How can you help 1. Donations - It's going to cost a little to get her to the US and Animals Taiwan needs to raise this money separately. See ways of donating below and please send an email to our treasurer@animalstaiwan.org to state that you wish your money to go to the saving of Hucky. We will keep everyone updated on all expenses. 2. Flight to Seattle, we're looking for passengers to Seattle as soon as possible to help trasport Hucky to he new home. 3. Crate donation. To bring expenses down we're looking for a second hand donation of a large crate for Hucky to fly in. To Make a Donation 1)Bank Transfer Mega Bank (code 017) Lan-Ya Branch SWIFT Code: 010 (if transfering from foreign countries) Account Number: 010-09-029257 Account Name: Animals Taiwan Association 2)Paypal Donations@animalstaiwan.org 3)Post Office Funds Transfer Account Number: 50073991 Account Name: Animals Taiwan Association