Henry's rescue~Feb 28th 2011

A volunteer was out walking her dogs and when she came back home there was this little fella sitting at the main gate. After a little chasing she managed to get a lead on him and he happily followed her home. His fur was so matted and looked so painful that the volunteer decided not to wait until tomorrow to take him to a groomer, so she herself decided to shave off the mats and then the next day take him to be tidied up and washed. The mats were terrible and it took over an hour and half to shave him completely.

He's a male Poodle we think. He has no chip but was wearing a yellow collar with a bell on it. It seems he's been a stray for quite some time. His teeth are in terrible condition. He has also had his vocal cords cut, so he has a raspy bark.
He will be taken for a blood test and be neutered this week.

Then he'll be looking for a forever home. He's friendly and well behaved.
This little man seems to have had it very rough recently so we hope to find him a comfortable happy home soon. please contact 02-28338820 or email to adoptions@animalstaiwan.org