Hello from Kangaroo~

Dear AT friends.

Do you remember Kangaroo , ( see Kangaroo 's story: http://animalstaiwan.org/www2/animal_show.php?url=aWQ9NjUmcGV0X3R5cGU9MQ== )who we rescued last year and now is staying in a foster home.

Here is the some update of Kangaroo , he is still living with his foster mom and still looking for a new home. please contact us if you can give Kangaroo a home.
He has improved a lot. He still growls and runs to dogs he sees outside, he once even broke out of his wheelchair to run to another dog....but I am asking more and more people if they can allow Roo to get close to their dogs, even if he looks angry...and then he doesn't bite. Maybe he got bullied in the past and now he wants to show all dogs that he can be mean too. He still doesn't like playing with my dogs, or them coming too close to him...but he doesn't mind sleeping next to them, and in the last week, he has gotten on the bed and sleeps with his head next to mine on the pillow:D

He likes his wheelchair, but because he is a boy, he prefers walking without it so that he can stop and sniff and mark everywhere.