Ziva Has Finally Been Spayed

Dear all,

Ziva was finally spayed last week. She recovered quickly and began playing with other paw friends at the center. It is still okay for her to have her period though. She is getting more comfortable being around people. Our staff are training Ziva to walk on a leash every day and she is making a lot of progress. Please come to the center to see her and take her for a walk. ^ ^

Ziva is one of the puppies that we found who were suffering from terrible skin problems. She has improved a lot! Thanks to everyone for all the support you've given to Animals Taiwan. Because of you, we can continue to help poor furries like Ziva.

Please click on the following link to see Ziva 's rescue story: http://animalstaiwan.blogspot.com/search?q=ziva

Please contact 02-2833-8820 or inquiries@animalstaiwan.org if you would like to help Ziva or Animals Taiwan in any way. Thank you.