Puppet and Mushroom safely arrived UK just now.

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know that thanks to everyone's help especially Mayumi, Lusan, Rita, Joey, Mare and Big Rita and Samuel Puppet and Mushroom have arrived safely in the UK.
Mayumi has spoken to Elizabeth and all is well, i also recieved a message from Elizabeth to say everything is great. She'll send photos when she gets home.
Thank you everyone for making this possible, yes it was a lot of work, yes it was expensive, but i believe it has been worth it. We've not only helped Puppet and Mushroom find a fantastic forever home, but we've also freed up space.
A fantastic start to the year of the Rabbit. I hope you are all well and enjoy hearing this news as much as i did.
You can check out the great photos on our facebook fan page of puppet and mushroom getting ready to go and at the airport thanks to Mayumi.

Wrote by Liza Milne / AnimalsTaiwan Events Coordinator/Board of Director